Thursday 17 October 2013

Totally Cute and all in 9"

Everyone that knows me knows that I love all Jodies toys.
Have you seen the super cute patterns that she has just released?"

They are 
G for Giraffe and
E for Elephant

Images borrowed from Jodie at Ric Rac and I highly recommend 
you pop on over to her blog and take a look :o)

I printed off my pattern last night {insert squeal here} and went digging in my felt scrap bucket today.

Yes, of course my first one was going to be a rainbow version.

Next decision.  Random threads or black thread.
Those on Instagram voted for random threads so of course I went black!

He is all hand sewn so a great project to take with you.  My original plan was to have him come to basketball practice with me tonight but he is so darn cute and addictive by the time basketball got there I only had to attach the arms and legs!

Please say hello to my version of Jodies new pattern
G for Giraffe

 Miss Lily loves him and he was fantastic company for her :o)
He was the toy of choice (once he had limbs) over the Ipad, now that's saying something


I had never sewn toys until I discovered Jodies Patterns and now I am a fan, as can
be seen by my little collection below.  

I think Arthur needs his Elsie.

All Jodies PDF patterns can be found HERE or just ask at your Local Quilt Store.
My LQS has just set up a display of Jodies toy and I have to say that I need the pattern for these three after seeing them in person.

Three Little Maids

Image of Three Little Maids: A PDF sewing pattern
(Image borrowed from here)

 Oh and of course I will be stalking Jodie for the elephant pattern :o)

Mr Giraffe is now snuggled up in bed with Miss Lily.  Think I need to be making another for me now.

hugs Sharon


  1. Lovely so cute,and miss Lily looks happy.But erm.....I thought we were not starting anything new.haha you just can't help yourself.xx

  2. Sharon how cute. My giraffe remains in pieces. I am going to have to buy a huge needle to attach the legs and arms.

  3. Very sweet Giraffe Sharon. Hugs......

  4. Love that Giraffe! Lily looks very happy indeed with her new pal. You just reminded me I have Kinder Girls pattern with extra pj's pattern in my 'waiting' pile! Now three little maids are stealing my heart. Sorry to mention.....ufo's..... ;o))

  5. just adorable..... and I can't believe how quickly yoiu got him done.... I haven't done toys but I think I might have to try with him...


  6. He is super cute, its nice to take a break from quilting and do something else once in awhile. I have a giraffe to, but mine is the Milly and me one :)

  7. They are all adorable. I've always thought I'd like to make some one day. Thi k by the time I get around to it they may be having their own kids. I think little red is my fave of your collection.

  8. oh he is so cute i can see why Miss Lil fell in love with him,yep you had better make one for yourself,have a lovely weekend my friend.xx

  9. Very cute. He made up very quickly.

  10. Totally cute!! So rewarding to have him loved the minute he was off the production line!

  11. So cute Sharon and I love the rainbow colours...Miss Lily looks like she is in love!!!
    Have a great weekend!


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