Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Blossom Love - A New Quilt Pattern and a GIVEAWAY

"I love big blocks, I can not lie!"

Allow me to officially introduce my newest machine pieced quilt,

"Blossom Love"

Nice big 18" blocks with the quilt finishing at 62" x 62" and Fat Quarter Friendly.

Blossom Love has been made using "Frolic" the newest fabric range from Melly and Me for Ella Blue and I do believe that it is now in Australia and has starting to arrive in shops. 

I am also including one block as the centre of a medallion quilt I am making and I love how it looks in 'scrappy' Bonnie and Camille.

This medallion quilt is very much a work in progress but just imagine a scrappy Bonnie and Camille, (or any of your favourite fabric actually) Blossom Love :)

Blossom Love is now available from your Local Quilt Shop - just ask.
It is also available as a PDF in my Etsy Store.
Wholesale order through Creative Abundance.

Now for a
** Giveaway **

If you think that you would like to make your own Blossom Love Quilt just leave a comment below and tell me what fabrics you might make your version in and I will pick TWO random winners on the evening of Sunday 2nd July and you can pick if you would like a paper copy of the pattern or a PDF Version.

Open Internatiionally.

Until next time,
Happy Stitching,
Sharon x

Monday, 26 June 2017

In the Studio

With the school holidays starting later this week I have taken the opportunity today to give the studio space a bit of a clean up so it seemed also like the perfect opportunity to "document it". And yes my OCD (or CDO) is showing here :)


 My little Liberty Stash is also growing with my monthly Society bundle from Ava and Neve.
Last week I also added to my "Tower of Bonnie and Camille" with a 'The Good Life' JR.
That little collection has long outgrown the cake plate!

I like to keep my fabric wrapped around comic boards.  They are a thinner and often cheaper alternative to some the brands that are marketed as boards to wrap your fabrics around.  My last lot I picked up from Ebay. They were 2nd's and advertised as being of irregular sizes.  We are talking all of mm's different to each other so of no real concern and they came in at 5c each!

The white baskets down the bottom are from Kmart and they house my random colour sorted scraps. 
The shelving its that I am using are from Fantastic Furniture here in Australia.

I love storing my fabrics like this as it means I can see exactly what I have and I can shop at home first.  The wall of colour is also inspiring and having it to look upon whilst at my sewing machine just makes my heart sing. If I had a little bigger space I would have another shelving unit as my AMH is tucked away safe in a cupboard with a few more gems.

 The top row of fabrics are all of my Bonnie and Camille. Some days I get a little sad because it has shrunk but then that means I have been sewing with it and that is better than sitting on a shelf right? To the far right there are 6 baskets. That is where I keep my Bonnie and Camille scraps, sorted by colour and easy to go rummaging through :)

Above centre, I have a slow growing collection of Kona Solids thanks to my monthly "Kona Cotton Collectors Club" at "The Next Stitch".  Here I have them will my "Karen Lewis Textiles Rainbow". I hope that one day they will become a rainbow creation.  

This is my new baby. A Brother VQ3000.
We are still getting to know each other and I am very impressed by her capabilities and her huge throat space.  When we have had a little more time to play I might just write up a review for her.

I recently moved my cutting table out of the office and back into the sewing hub and I am hoping that I will be able to add a bigger cutting table to this space in the future...stay tuned :)

As you can see my cutting table isn't that big or is it that I just have a few projects on it that I am slowly working on all at the same time?

Truth be known, the real reason for my clean up today was to find those Liberty squares (above the scissors). I knew I had cut them ready to turn into the next instalment of my Diamonds in a Square Quilt but just had no idea where they were.

My OCD is happy now. Now I just need to get into the office and finish sorting it out. It has become the dumping ground and work space for many an EPP project whilst on a Netflix binge!

Better go, time to go and mess it all up again :)

Happy stitching,


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Quilting on the go ..... English Paper Piecing

I am so excited to share with you my new book.

My book has been a true labor of love for the last 14+ months and to finally have a copy in my own hands feels a little surreal and I will always be thankful to my publishers, Tuva, for giving me this amazing opportunity. 

"Quilting on the go ... English Paper Piecing" has 16 projects, ranging from a Zipper Pouch, Mini Quilt, Placemats right through to a Baby Quilt and then there is the Cover Quilt - Celestial Star. 

"Quilting on the go ... English Paper Piecing" is available for order now.

From Amazon HERE

I was excited to wake up to the news this morning that it was the #1 New Release in the Patchwork section

It is also available ....

at the Book Depository HERE
and Fishpond HERE

Also, ask for it at your Local Quilt Shop.

I have some amazing people joining me for a Book Tour starting 1st July.

I am looking forward to sharing the projects, both mine and the Tour Participants with you on Instagram, Facebook and here with some weekly round ups. As well as sharing some exciting news about some EPP Paper kits.

Until next time
happy stitching,
Sharon x

Saturday, 20 May 2017

Inspired by Stargazing and Fireworks

Allow me to introduce my new EPP Quilt


to the "Lilabelle Lane Creations" collection of quilts.

Stargazer is making its debut at the Spring Quilt Market in St Louis this weekend and can be found on the Creative Abundance Booth #740.

“Stargazer” has been inspired by my many evenings spent laying in the backyard staring up at the stars and dreaming as well as the beauty of colorful fireworks high in the night’s sky.

Finished Size - approx 52" x 60" 

This quilt has the opportunity to be fussy cut, or not and with simple instructions on how to strip cut your fabrics you will be ready to piece in not time at all.

I have chosen to showcase Tula Pink fabrics in this version and have teamed them with some beautiful Japanese Chambrays from Ministry of Fabric.


I have also started a second version but this time in Liberty fabrics from Ava and Neve and I teamed them with the same Chambrays from Ministry of Fabric but this time choosing lighter spots, stripes and even a sparkle Essex Linen.

Huge thank you to Linda at Ladybug Quilting here in Bendigo for quilting Stargazer for me.

I am looking forward to sharing more in this version soon.

There are two purchasing options for this quilt. 
The Pattern and Perspex Templates or the Pattern, Perspex Templates and the Full precision cut papers pack.  This pack includes enough papers for the entire quilt. No papers will need to be reused.

Both option also include Scan N Cut friendly template pages if you like to cut your own papers.

The pattern includes full instructions, beginner friendly with lots of diagrams. This pattern allows the maker to take the plunge into the world of Fussy Cutting, but at the same time it does not have to be fussy cut. 

If you would like to make your own version of Stargazer please ask for it by name at your Local Quilt Shop, Wholesale orders can be placed with Creative Abundance and I also have a few listed in my Etsy Shop HERE.

If you would like to see more please visit the #stargazerquilt hashtag on Instagram.
Now it is released I will be sharing more pictures and remember when making your own version to add the #stargazerquilt hashtag so I can see what you are up to.

Create what YOU love,
Sharon xx

Friday, 7 April 2017

"Modern Machine Quilting" - Book Review

"Modern Machine Quilting"

Modern Machine Quilting is the new book from Catherine Redford for Fons and Porter.

I do have to admit that machine quilting is not something that I am confident with so I was looking forward to diving into the pages of this book.

The book is divided into 5 chapters. Each chapter is full of information, presented in such a way that you are not left feeling overwhelmed.  Great practical advice and discussions on all things from your Fabric, Batting, thread to your needles and your machine. Making a quilt sandwich and some Quilt room setup tips and that is just Chapter one.

Catherine has written this book in such a way that it makes you feel comfortable with the thought of machine quilting your own projects. The photos are clear, the illustrations of the quilting designs are hand drawn which shows the real deal. No perfectly drawn quilting designs with perfect curves. For me this is exactly what I need to see. When I sit to play with a design I want to see the hand drawn design.  I want to know that this is achievable and that is exactly how this book has me feeling.

Another feature that I absolutely LOVE about this book is the tables within the sections that you can make notes for the settings that work on your machine as you play. What a great resource to come back to. To know that you have written them down in the book, always there for you to find when / if you need at a later date.

 There is also a "Gallery of Quilts" showcasing various quilting on projects. Each photo is accompanied by a brief description of the technique used. 

The book is beautifully finished by a small collection of patterns that you can make and then practice your Modern Machine Quilting on.  I am adding "Which Way's Up" to my must make list and I am thinking that I might use up some of these scraps in my version.

My copy of "Modern Machine Quilting" is going to live by my Bernina, ready to guide and inspire my modern Quilting.

Happy Stitching,

Sharon xx

Disclaimer:  The book was provided to me by Fons and Porter for review.
All opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

Oh Deliah

In about October of last year Jen Kingwell announced her new Block of the Month for 2017.


I love Jens work so I signed up immediately through Jens shop Amitie Textiles in Melbourne.
This Block of the Month is a little different as every month it comes with a set of templates. So not only are participants making Jens "Delilah Quilt" we are also collecting a set of templates that can be individually used to make more blocks or quilts.

Month one has arrived and as you can see I went for the Template and Fabric option.
How could I not, I just love Jen's scrappy style.

This month we were to make two of the blocks and here are mine :)

Did you notice the fussy cut in the one above?

And together. 

I am also going to add in a few of my own fabrics as I go. The more the merrier.
This month I have added a few low volumes, plainer than what was included to help my colours pop.

One month down and I am on track!
(I don't have the best track record with BOM's so I am pleased to currently be up to date!)

Next block arrives in a couple of weeks.

Happy Stitching,

Sharon x

Friday, 31 March 2017

Easy DIY Template Tutorial - English Paper Piecing

Do It Yourself Templates for 
English Paper Piecing

I released my "BEJEWLED" Cushion pattern this week and I made the executive decision not to include templates or have templates for the pattern put into production. Why?  Well there were a few reasons. Firstly the pieces for this pattern can all be rotary cut very simply (Full instructions are included in the pattern). Another was driven by the desire to keep the cost of the end product down and there was also the idea that I really wanted to include the pre cut papers with the pattern. 

Don't get me wrong, perspex templates are great but you do not need them for every single pattern. So today I am here to share with you a simple and easy way to make a template.

Even if you have ever just misplaced a Template, you know you have it somewhere but you just can't lay your hands on it right now when you need it.

Or maybe you have decided to make my BEJEWELED Cushions but you would like to do some fussy cutting so need a template :)

So let's get to it.


Template Plastic
Tape - Washi works well
Add a Quarter Ruler
Rotary Cutter
Permanent Marker
Rotary Cutting Mat,
and of course the paper shape that you plan to make the template for.

Start by making a tape circle by having the sticky side facing out and overlapping the ends.

Then stick this to the back of your paper template.

Position the tape side down on your Template plastic. Ensure that you have left enough room to cut the 1/4" seam allowance.

Take your 'Add a Quarter Ruler' and line the little lip of the ruler against the edge of the paper shape. With your Rotary cutter and ruler carefully work your way around your shape cutting your template at the 1/4" larger than your paper shape.

BEFORE removing your paper from the template take your marker and draw a line on the edge of your paper shape. You want the drawn line to overlap the paper and the perspex template.

When you remove your paper shape you will see a nice sharp edge. Everything inside the black line is what will be showing on your finished piece of fabrics once sewn :)

See how easy that was :)
A bonus when working with template plastic templates is that you can use a pencil to mark guides for your fussy cutting that can easily be removed with an eraser so you can go again.

If you have any questions please ask.

Happy Stitching,

Sharon x