Monday, 4 December 2017

Coloring with Thread - Book Showcase

Welcome to my turn on the .....

Photo Courtesy of The Quilting Company.

I am so excited to be able to share with you Tula Pinks new book, Coloring with Thread.

'Coloring with Thread' features 17 original Tula Pink designs based on her best selling fabric collections.  You will find her beautiful bugs to woodland critters and of course her well known sea creatures.  All of which have been expertly rendered for hand embroidery.

If you have been following me for a while now you would be well aware of my love of Tula Pinks fabrics so it would be no surprise that I jumped at the opportunity to play with these designs and take part in the Book Showcase.

Being presented with so many wonderful designs it was very hard to pick a favourite but I did.

Each design comes with a suggested colour palette and a stitch guild but I decided to mix things up a little and pick my own colours and I varied some of the embroidery stitches.

He was a lot of fun to stitch up and here are a couple of close ups for you that I took whilst I was working on him.

At this point I decided that he needed a little bling so I went back to the shops and added this variegated metallic thread.

I think he turned out pretty cute and I decided to use him as the front panel for a Block Book.

It finishes at a nice big 18" square.

And then being that Tula Pink and I were going to be at the same venue at the Australian Quilt Market I took my finished book with and asked her if she wouldn't mind signing my work and she graciously did :)

and colour co-ordinated it for me!

Thank you Tula xx

If you would like some more inspiration and a look as some of the other embroideries available in the book be sure to stop by the other stops on the book showcase.  All the links are below.

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Thank you for stopping by,
Sharon x

Friday, 1 December 2017

'Tis the Season - Another new Pattern Release

Just in time for some Christmas sewing.

'Tis the Season
(Is a Large Creative Card which means great value for you).

This pattern is a set of six english Paper Pieced Christmas Decorations.

In the set there is the Wreath, two Stars, Tree, Bauble and these super cute Candy Canes.

These are super cute and quick to make.

Also, within the pattern there is a link to download Scan N Cut friendly pages to cut your papers at home or if you like to cut your own papers by hand, copy onto 160gsm card and make your own papers.

Ahh Puppy training is starting to pay off as I can actually (well sometimes) get Elly to sit, or in this case lay, so I can get a cute pic of my Studio Assistant!

The pattern includes full sized templates but does assume that you have basic knowledge of English Paper Piecing.

I do love them all but I also have a special fondness for the Candy Canes.

The pattern is available in PDF Format in my Etsy Store HERE.
Wholesale through Creative Abundance and
Retail at a Quilt Shop Near You.

Enjoy and Happy Stitching,
Sharon x

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Oh to Hug and Snuggle a Pug! New Releases at AQM with Flourish

Last weekend was the AQM - Australian Quilt Market in Melbourne.
It is the one and only trade show event for the Quilting Industry here in Australia.
It is always such a great time to catch up with shop owners from all over and of course the Creative Abundance Team.

It is also a great time for some New Releases.
This year I have released three new patterns, all English Paper Pieced.

Allow me to introduce,


Flourish has nice big 18.5" blocks that are English Paper Pieced and then appliquéd on to a checkerboard background with the finishing size of the quilt being 72" square.


The lovely Linda from Ladybug Quilting here in Bendigo worked her magic on Flourish for me and she never disappoints.


Flourish is available in three ways. Allow me to explain.

Option One.

You can purchase the Pattern with the Templates. 
The pattern is Scan N Cut Friendly so you can scan the shapes into your machine and cut your papers as you go. 

Option Two.

A 'Starter Pack' which includes the Pattern, templates and a starter pack of papers. 
The starter pack has enough papers for 5 of the Flourish Blooms before you will need to reuse the papers.  

Option Three.

Then for those that do not like to reuse their papers they can purchase the Full Kit which includes the Pattern, Templates and a full set of papers where you will not need to reuse any of the papers.

As with all my English Paper Piecing patterns you will find lots of full diagrams and instructions for all stages of the quilts assembly. Also tips along the way and diagrams of how to build your project in sections.

"Hug a Pug"

The second of my new releases is a fun project for the Pug lover in your life and I will guarantee that these pugs will not chew your couch, teeth on the dining room chairs or run off with your sock.

If you didn't already know we are a Pug family and I had two Pugs before my children were born.
This pattern was drawn up before we welcomed our newest Pug family member Elly some 14 months ago and it (the pattern) has finally come to life. As for Elly, she has the spunk of 5 pugs all rolled into one and we have our hands full with her :)

This pattern is also English Paper Pieced and I have used some gorgeous Liberty Fabrics to make mine.

My "Hug a Pug" Pattern comes with two full sets of paper, individually packed. These papers can be reused. The pattern is full of diagrams and instructions on how best to assemble your pug. You are guided right through the assembly and then the finishing instructions for the concealed zip closure for the back your cushion.

They could also take on a different look with the use of Ombre fabrics.

"Snuggle a Pug"

And for when a cushion is just not enough Pug for you :)

I have used some gorgeous Liberty Fabrics again for these Pugs on this quilt but it would look equally as gorgeous in any fabrics. Steer away from florals and make a more masculine version.

"Snuggle a Pug" finishes at approx. 60" square and the pattern comes with 9 full sets of individually packed papers. The papers can be reused. As a bonus, the quilt pattern also includes the finishing instructions for the cushion.

As will all my patterns, this one is full of diagrams and guides you through the making of your Pug and the best way to assemble with tips along the way.

These patterns are now available for purchase at your local quilt shop with wholesale orders through Creative Abundance.

Please ask your local quilt shop to order them in for you if you don't see them in stock.
It is a great idea to support local and for this reason I have made the decision to not stock my own paper patterns in my Etsy Store.

I appreciate the shops that support me both here in Australia and world wide and as such l ask that you support them too.  If you need a hand finding a stockist you can check my stockist page or contact me and I can help you find someone.

Thank you for stopping by and taking a look at my new patterns.

Happy stitching,
Sharon x

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Colour Burst Block Two - Celestial Star Quilt

"Celestial Star"
the Tula Pink version.

I have finished the second bock for my new version of my 'Celestial Star Quilt'.

I have very little of that black Neptune fabric that surrounds my centres left over from my La Pass Quilt so I have very cautiously gone ahead and cut it up and I am very pleased that I had just enough to go around the centre of all nine of my colour burst blocks.

Here is the progress shots of what order I went about selecting the fabrics for this block.
There really is no reason for the order on an individual block. Some I know what fabrics I want to include so I add them in first and build around them.

Here is a reminder of block 1.

And the progress shot of how I am going.

I have created a dedicated page with the links to all my 'Tula Pink Celestial Star Quilt' posts HERE just incase you wanted to go back and take a look.

Happy stitching,

Sharon x

The pattern for this quilt can be found in my book,
'Quilting on the go ... English Paper Piecing'

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Celestial Star - The Tula Pink Version

Celestial Star meet Tula!
Whoops, a new start  ;)

"My Original Celestial Star Quilt".

When I originally designed my Celestial Star Quilt I had Tula Pink Fabrics in mind but to keep with the theme and feel of my book I decided to make it in Liberty Fabrics.

Now the time has come for me to make my Tula Pink version :) I really do not need another project but if I don't start it now I feel that I may never, so now is as good a time to start as any.

One of my biggest tips for any project like this is not to overthink it too much. A quilt like this will have a way of taking you on your own journey if you let it. Don't be scared to play with colour. I threw out my colour wheel many years ago. To many so called "rules" existed for my liking. If you like what is in front of you then that is all that really matters. Just remember that any project you make is YOURS so make it yours, use colours you love, fabrics you love and in combinations that you love :) Life to too short to stress the small stuff.

But, with that said, if you are a planner then there is a colouring page in the book that you can play with. 

Back to my block. I am very much a visual person so my preferred method when sitting down to select fabrics, fussy cutting and planning any EPP block like this is to start by laying all my papers out in place. I also did this for each rosette of my La Pass Quilt.

With this block I only knew two, possibly three things before I started.

1.        That I wanted a Prince Charming Frog for the centre.

2.     This Colour Burst block was going to be the centre and starting point for my quilt.

Those I knew for sure. The third was that I thought about adding in a splash of pink. I do love pink and green together and being this was going to be the centre of my quit I thought it might make it pop. Let's see :)

 As I was making my block I have taken photos to show you what order I have selected the fabrics for my block. I do not work in any special order. Sometimes I know what fabrics I want in certain spots at the beginning so I tend to start with those first and then build around them until I have my finished block.

Tip:  Use your glue pen to help you lift your papers up as you go.

 The following photos will show you how my block went from just the frog right through to the finished block.

There you go, that pink did end up making the cut :)

All the fabrics are Tula Pink with the exception of the thin stripe. I found that one in my stash.

And there it is, the start of my "Tula Pink Celestial Star Quilt".

I still have a way to go but I am looking forward to adding to this one as time allows.

If you are also making your own version of the "Celestial Star Quilt" be sure to use the 
#Celestialstarquilt hashtag on social media so I can also see it.

I am off to pull some more fabrics.

Happy Stitching,
Sharon x