Monday, 16 January 2017

My "A Place for everything bag"

I did it, I made a

"Place for Everything Bag"

Oh my let me say, this is one of those patterns that has been here for what feels like forever and is always in the back of my mind as a 'must make'.  It is also, even now, one of those projects that scares me.  After all it has SO MANY zips and I just do not do zips! It is an irrational fear. I can do them once I put my mind to it but I just dislike them sooooo much.

So, exactly one week today I bit the bullet and did a fabric pull.  I decided on Tula Pink fabrics and some much hoarded Racoons.  I knew that I would have more chance of sticking with this project if I truly loved the fabrics and of course, I didn't want to waste the fabrics by creating a WIP that gets lost in the studio.

When it came to piecing on the first night I do have to admit that there were a few choice words dropped. Some things just were not sinking in so instead of asking the pattern why I just followed the instructions and low and behold my bag started taking shape.  Nothing wrong with the pattern, just me!

So look, I have a bag :)

I do have to admit that I do still have one page of pockets left to make, oneday, just not today ;) It's that zip thing again. But this is fully functioning and I love it and I am so glade that I stuck it out.

Do you have a pattern that you have purchased but you are just not "ready" to make yet?

Well dig it out and dive right in. Believe me the feeling you get once it is done is worth the effort.

Until next time,

"Create what YOU love"
Happy Stitching,
Sharon x

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

When Dear Jane meets Tula Pink - Row A

When Dear Jane meets Tula Pink 
- the EPP version.

I have finished Row A of my Dear Jane Quilt and I am loving this project more than I probably should!  I am loving the tiny piecing. Some blocks already have over 40 pieces in them and these blocks are a mere 4.5" square.

 I am also making myself sash the blocks as I go because I know I will hate myself at the end if I do not and its also a great way to ensure that all those tiny pieces of paper get removed in a timely manner instead of all at the end when patience is wearing thin and a few are bound to be missed. 
Not something that my Long Arm Quilter would be to happy about!

Here is my progress so far.

I have also decided to work on my borders as I go.
This quilt is going to be a true explosion of colour.

I am approaching this project with the same plan as my La Passacaglia.
Not overthinking the colour placement and just working with what ever fabrics I am liking on that particular day.

I am using the silver/grey print from Tula Pink's "True Colours" Range for the consistent background.
The black sashing is a black on black swiss dot by Riley Blake and a thin black and white stripe for the scallop edge.

Time to start Row B.

Happy Stitching,

Sharon xx

Sunday, 1 January 2017

What a year .....

Thank you 2016
You were an amazing year full of adventures.
You presented amazing opportunities that allowed me to follow my dreams.  
You allowed for personal growth and most of all you gave me the strength to stand for what I love.
To create what I love.
To embrace the fabrics that I love and to sew with them!

Then there were dreams that came true, dreams that this time last year I never really thought or considered possible but proved with hard work and support of my family, that dreams can and do come true. 

 I am excited by what might be possible in 2017.

A quick Roundup .......

In 2016 I finished my La Passacaglia

I got to take it with me when I went to meet Tula Pink and my Quilt was one of 20 selected worldwide to go on display in Houston for Quilt Market and then at the Quilt Festival afterwards. I really should get around to giving it a final post, I will add that to my to do list :)

2016 was also the year I poured my heart and soul into my baby.

Releasing my first few patterns, and your support of these patterns fills my heart with so much joy.
My first release was Snuggle Time (Baby Quilt) 


and then over the year it was followed by (not in order) .......

Southern Aurora

My first English Paper Pieced pattern and a great one to play with fussy cutting.

Peppermint Crossing

Summer Blooms


and then finally my 2nd EPP Pattern

 This quilt cemented for me the need to stay true to oneself, to follow your heart and most importantly to not only "Create what YOU love" but to "Sew with what YOU love".

All my Patterns can be found in my Etsy store HERE 
and are available for order through your Local Quilt Shop.

 We also welcomed the newest member to our family.

Oh my, is she a handful. But we wouldn't have our Elly any other way ......
well, I would prefer that she not bring every stick, leaf or dead bug that she finds inside!

 Also in 2016 I got to play with 11 other Aussie Designers and help create this gorgeous quilt.

 Patchwork Puzzle

(If you are interested in making this quilt Alison over at Cotton Factory 
has just announced that she is offering it as a BOM in 2017 ...... see HERE )

I also have to thank Alison and the amazing students that I had in my English Paper Piecing Classes in 2016.  It is so inspiring to see like minded ladies embracing their love of their craft, to have their friendship and to share their journey with them.  Thank you ladies xx

 There were also a few smaller makes in 2016.
16 of those makes will be in here.

"Quilting on the go ..... English Paper Piecing"
 My first book!

Very surreal but it has happened and is due for release in April.
See what I mean by dreams coming true :)
I am beyond excited to share this with you more as the release date approaches.
It is available for pre-order too!
If online ordering is your thing, secure your copy by searching your favourite online book store or ask your Local Quilt Shop to stock it for you. 

 and to finish off my round up post here are some of my other makes for the year .....

To see more pop on over to my Instagram account.

If you have made it this far I thank you.
I also have a special discount code for ALL items in my Etsy Store 
to share with you for making it this far.   Use
THANKYOU2016 for 10% off 
and yes, this is also valid for "Tenderness".

Here is to an amazing 2017 for us all.
May it be filled with love, friendship, fabric and thread.
May your thoughts stay postive and your bobbins full.

"Create what YOU love"
hugs, Sharon

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Dear Jane Goes EPP - I'm in!

"Dear Jane Goes EPP"

I have wanted to make a Dear Jane Quilt for so long. 
I may have even started one once before but it didn't get very far but now?  
Oh my goodness, Dear Jane has gone all EPP and we all know that I have a slight addiction to English Paper Piecing.

Dear Jane, you have just jumped onto my long term make list :)

Clearly I am diving in head first :)

Ever since I have finished my La Passacaglia Quilt I have been looking for the 
next big long term project and this is it. 
(Well there has been another big project happening in the background but more 
on that soon).

The blocks finish at 4.5" square and I have decided to use my Tula Pink stash which is also a good excuse to add to it :)


I am sashing my blocks in a Black on Black Spot.

Blocks A1 and A2

I am not a fan of appliqué so I have amended A3 to be a circle instead of 4 Orange Peels.

A3 and A4

My first 4 blocks.

A1, A2, A3 and A4 all sashed and awaiting the next addition.

If you would like more information on the Dear Jane Quilt - Along and the Paper Pieces pack and Auto Ship program visit Paper Pieces HERE.

Time to go digging through my stash and start the next block.

Happy Stitching,

Sharon x

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Hex-a-day Week 1 Progress


I have just finished today's Hexie so in my attempt to return to regular blogging 
and blogging my Hex-a-Day project here on a Sunday, 
allow me to present the remainder of this weeks Hexagons.

If you would like more information on the calendar I am using please see my previous post.
I am aiming making one Hexagon a day using my Bonnie and Camille scraps.

I had better go and clean up my mess before our puppy decides my fabric is there for her enjoyment!

Happy Stitching,

Sharon x

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Hexie -a-day with Katja Marek

I have invested in
The New Hexagon - Perpetual Calendar 
by Katja Marek for my work desk.
Each day has a new Hexagon.

Instead of just looking at the hexies each day as I flip the calendar over I thoughgt that I might actually try to sew one a day.  I know that some days it will not be possible so on those day I will not stress but try again the next day.  Realistically, one a day for me will be much easier once the kids are back at school in February!

To make the task a little more achievable I have the pre cut papers from Paper Pieces.
The link is HERE if you would like to take a look.

 Today is my first day and I am pleased to say I have sewn my Hexie :)

I have decided to use my overflowing scrap baskets of Bonnie and Camille Fabrics.

A few weeks ago I received a surprise parcel in the mail from the Fat Quarter Shop.
It was a very exciting Happy Mail Day because when I opened the box it was full
of Planner goodies. Lori Holt Planner Goodies.


I am a planner girl so these are an amazing gift to receive.
It has pages for your Projects that you are planning, a weekly Planner. A section of tips and organisation, SIX patterns and then a room for notes.

I am going to record my hexies and have drawn up a little grid so I have a visual reference as to how good (or bad) I am going with my one a day :)

So far so good :)

Are you already sewing a here a day from this Calendar?
If not feel free to join in and also sew a Hexie a day.
I will be sharing my daily hexies over on my Instagram account and then back here once a week, I am thinking a Sunday, for a round up of how I went.

Happy Stitching,

Sharon xx

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

"Tenderness" - The Story behind the Quilt

Allow me to introduce


Tenderness is my newest pattern release and my 2nd EPP Pattern.
It has just made its debut at the Australian Quilt Market.

It is a fresh new English Paper Piecing Pattern showcasing three new and exclusive shapes,
incorporating gentle curves to allow beautiful flowers in your favourite fabrics to be showcased.
(More details are are after the Tenderness Story.)

This quilt has been waiting a long time to come to life. I needed to be in the right spot in my own creative journey and surrounded by the right people to be able to feel comfortable to allow it to come to life.

For me, Tenderness is a quilt with a story of love.

When my parents were young and newly married they migrated from the United Kingdom to Australia. They sold up everything that they had in the search for the life they wanted for themselves and one day, their family.  

My Dad went back to the UK to be the Best Man in his best friends wedding but my Mum chose to stay in Australia as she was pregnant with their first child. When my Dad was home in the UK for the wedding he was involved in a rather nasty car accident.  My Mum packed up everything again and went back to my Dad in the UK.  Again, they started from scratch. Dad was healing from his injuries and their first child was born (me).  A couple of years later they welcomed their second child, my brother.

Now with two young children, they decided to continue their journey and chase that dream again. Selling everything they had and only bringing over what they could fit into their suitcases they again went in search of their dream, returning to the same area in Australia. It really must have made an impression first time around.

They worked hard for everything that they had and were eventually fortunate to be able to secure a brand new home.  As a family my parents planted out the gardens, the Roses, the veggie patch thrived and the grass was green.  Many happy memories were made in that home.  With our immediate family overseas, many letters were shared with my Grandparents and my brother and I were very fortunate to be surrounded by some great family friends. Weekends were spent on friends' farms, swimming in dams, riding motorbikes, playing in the haystacks and of course helping with the cows. 

Back to the Roses. I have very vivid memories of vases of Roses on the kitchen table, their scent and those Rose bushes being pruned my my Dad as we all sat on the front veranda talking.

Suddenly and unexpectedly my Dad passed away, way too young, leaving behind my Mum, with two young children. My Mum chose to stay in Australia, building on the dream that her and my Dad had. My memories of those roses are now of my Mum, pruning them with love and evoking thoughts of dreams only partially fulfilled.  My Mum never remarried. My Dad was her everything, her rock.

So for me, Tenderness is in honour of their love, their dream and part of their story by moving so far around the world so that their children might live the dream in this beautiful country that I now get to call home.

The design process and the making of this quilt represents not just my parents but me, chasing my dreams. Every flower is stitched with love, in the fabric that allowed me to fall in love with Quilting. My first fabric love, the fabrics from the Mother and Daughter design team known as "Bonnie and Camille".

So may you stitch your own Tenderness Quilt for someone you love.
May it wrap them in eternal love and one day may it be a cherished item that evokes memories sweet.

Tenderness, photographed in front of some of the Beautiful Rose Blooms that can be found here in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

Tenderness has three new shapes that are exclusive to this pattern.
These shapes can only be purchased with the pattern, they are not available any other way.  

This pattern can be purchased in two ways.

First is the Pattern 

The Pattern includes the four Perspex templates required and for those that like to cut their own papers there are Scan n Cut friendly template pages included.  The pattern also includes beginner friendly instructions, from glue basting the papers to sewing the gentle curves.

The "Tenderness Kit"

Tenderness is also available as a kit with includes the Pattern, Templates and laser cut papers.  The paper kit has been calculated so that there are enough papers to make 20 flowers before the papers will need to be reused.  This will allow for the maker to play with their flower layout and achieve a nice colour balance in their project before they start to join their flowers

I have also released my first "Creative Card" for the Mini version.

For those not familiar with a creative card, it is a short pattern written on an A5 card (A4 folded).

The Mini finishes at 17" x 13"

And how striking does it look with a light background. 
The surrounds of the flowers are also English Paper Pieced.

This version is a Work in Progress of one of my amazing Pattern testers, Corinna.
More photos can be found on my Instagram account by searching @lilabellelane and the hashtag #tendernessquilt

Thank you for taking the time to read the story behind the Quilt.

Remember to always "Create what YOU love",
Sharon xx

Please ask for it by name at your Local Quilt Shop.
Wholesale and stockists can be found on my website HERE.