Saturday 7 March 2020

Lotsa.Style - Product Review


Recently I was approached by LOTSA.STYLE and asked if I would like to review their Mini Counter Top Wastebasket. If you are a long time blog reader you would know that I don't normally do reviews as such but this time I said Yes. Why? Because I had actually been looking for a counter top bin to throw my scraps in as I worked away at my cutting table. The 'pile to one end, accidentally drop on the floor and chase a Pug or two as they run off with the scraps' was not really doing it for me. :)

I wanted something stylish and not too intrusive to my work space.

When my package arrived and I opened it I just knew this was exactly what I had been looking for. It has lovely clean lines, is a nice width, approx. 22 cm, it stands approx. 15cm high and it is approx. 10cm deep.  Oh, and it came with 100 bags. It can also double as a storage device for my rotary cutters etc.

In all honesty, it had been exactly what I was looking for, I just had not found it yet!

Fast forward to Thursday night. I had my Scan n Cut on and I was playing with my Vinyl cutting some labels for my kitchen when I decided to jump on the Brother Canvas Workspace website where I found a free download that would be perfect to style my new little counter top waste basket.  A few minutes later and I had added my personal touch :)

I now have a problem though. Keegan, my eldest daughter has seen my new waste basket and took it away only to come back a few minutes later saying she would love one for hew makeup brushes! We are also putting together a little Artist Trolley for Lily's upcoming birthday (Shh ..... it is a secret) to help her contain all her painting supplies and my little waste basket is perfect for her trolley.

So the verdict .....  I need to order two more, one each for Lily and Keegan or maybe 3, as mine is clearly not a waste basket at the moment. :)

So, if you are like me and in need of the perfect little waste basket, makeup brush holder etc. I have got you sorted as the lovely people at LOTSA.STYLE have given me a 30% off discount code to share with you - LILABELLE30 and their website is HERE.

Until next time, 
Happy stitching, 
Sharon x