Saturday 16 March 2013

One of those days!

All started well.
Baking a cake for Miss Lily's party tomorrow.
Then I ran out of cake mix and sent Glenn out to get another.
Proved to be a difficult task as they were sold out of the one
I wanted in multiple supermarkets, what's the chances of that
happening, seriously?
So I had to settle for a strawberry cake verses vanilla.
More will be evident when I show you the cake next post.
My sewing Mojo is still MIA but I sucked it up and went to my LQS
this afternoon for my Glacier Star Class.
All I will say is "reverse sewing"- such a waste of time.
Needless to say Miss Mojo didn't show up.
That's OK.
I get home and Glenn has a Leg of Lamb in the oven.
Yum Yum Yum.
So after that I thought I had better go and do these Glacier Star
blocks to get this technique in my head.
I think this next picture taken at the ER explains it all!
Yes the blade was new.
So off to the ER it was.
Washed, glued, bound and finished with a needle, oh Yeah!
(Blood thinning injections and this injury don't mix well and I am kind
of over needles at the moment)
On the up side, no washing dishes for me for the next 5 days :o)
Here are the blocks that I was working on.
I had finished 8 of these
but only got this far on these.

They will eventually go together like this.
Better go, party planning still to do and I have just lost a few hours.
Have a better day than me :o)
hugs, Sharon


  1. Oh no Sharon. That is not good if your sewing mojo is missing. Hope the wound heals with not too much discomfort and the cakes turn out for the birthday.

  2. Ouch, I hope it heels quickly! I can sympathise on the missing mojo, mine must have run off with yours...I hope they are having fun!
    Your Glacier Star is going to look fantastic too BTW!

  3. Oh Sharon, you poor thing. Hope the finger is okay. I'm sure the cake and the party will be fine, just add lollies and love. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Oh dear...hope your finger heals, the cakes are a success and that your mojo returns. Take care x.

  5. I feel queasy just thinking about that.... rest easy and I do hope you are not too sore..... and that the lamb was good!!

  6. oh Shaz i am feeling the pain with you,you duffer and you were doing so well with those blocks,take care kiddo and hope miss Lil has a wonderful day tomorrow.xx

  7. I've come so close to doing the same and just sliced off bits of nail or a very top layer of skin. Hope you didn't bleed all over some special fabric! Hope it heals quickly and isn't too sore.

  8. Oh Sharon poor you.Ive sliced many times,but not bad enough for A & E.
    Hope it gets better soon,enjoy the no washing up.
    Say happy birthday to miss Lilly.
    Lastly,a question from me... how do you hang your quilts on the wall,something I will be doing soon and not sure how to go about it.The small one in my kitchen is on a curtain pole,but I don't really want to put a pole up in the living room.
    Hugs Laura x

  9. OH NO!!!!! I have yet to have an ER visit...but know it is probably in my future!!!!

  10. Oh, man, Sharon - my finger hurts just reading about yours!! Your Glacier Stars are looking great!!

  11. Your poor thing, I too have had a couple of close shaves with the rotary cutter! The stars are looking good, hope you can continue soon.

  12. Ouch!!!!!!! That's probably a good reason why I really like sharp scissors. Look after yourself and just remember that a bandaged finger can't fit into rubber gloves just in case that is ever suggested lol.

  13. OUCH! I shuddered in sympathy when I read what had happened,not a really good way to get out of doing the dishes Sharon....hope your finger isn't hurting too much today and your MIA Mojo comes back real soon,nothing worse than when that Mojo decideds to go off on vacation without you :( Barb.

  14. Oh Sharon... it WILL be better today... it's St Patricks day! Good Luck to you! :)

  15. Oh no, Sharon. You're certainly not having a good run at the moment! Hope you didn't get blood on your sewing! Take care of yourself. I hope Miss Lily has a lovely party. Hugs, Christine

  16. I do like that description of your injury but definitely cringe at even the thought of finger vs rotary cutter. Your poor thing. Look on the bright side your blocks do look lovely and no dishes for a little while!
    Hope your mojo comes back quick smart.

  17. Hope your injury is better soon!

  18. OUCH! At least you had a good story for the ER doctor. At least that is my husband's opinion on these things. Take care.

  19. Oh Sharon what a bad day you had. Hope the finger is not too painful and you will feel like sewing again soon

  20. Oh Sharon - I feel for you - hope the finger is healing ok! I had a run in with the rotary cutter a couple of years ago, they cut finger well don't they!!
    Birthday cake looks beautiful - well done you!


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