Thursday 14 March 2013

Google What !/*#

Have you heard the news?
Google Reader will not be available after July 1st

Don't panic.
There are other options out there.
I have just signed up for
"Blog Lovin"

It seems user friendly.
I just need to see if it has a "Next Button" and
then to load all the Blogs that I love to read :o)

Might take me a while.

hugs, Sharon


Transferring the blogs you love reading to Blog Lovin is easy
If you go over and visit Janelle Winds super talented
daughter Emily HERE she shares a link that will do all
the hard work for you.
I got my 357 blogs transferred over in seconds.
Huge thank you Emily xx


  1. it sure is a pain.........i'll check out a few things first and then decide....not much does it like google reader......lets hope they change their mine........I just signed a petition to keep it.......if they care.........

  2. i am trying not to think about it.xx

  3. Does that mean that Blogger reader is not going to work either? ... Or should that be okay?

  4. Yeah, same question as Larissa! And if so how do I do what you're doing? I might need a tutorial!

  5. Arrrgh - I saw that notification when I signed on today. What a pain. I will deal with it (maybe) or I will be the one you hear crying on 1 July when my blogs all disappear.

  6. I've just transferred my all my blogs over to Blog Lovin by using that Takeout exporter on Goggle Reader. Thanks for reminding me that I had signed up to Blog Lovin a long time ago but never used it

  7. I was wonder what else I could use...I will go and check out blog lovin. My little bundle of lovelyness came today, thank you so much! I love the little mini charms!

  8. Here we go again... fixing something that isn't broken!!! :(

  9. I really like bloglovin, I use it all the time to keep track of my favorite blogs.

  10. 3-5-7?!?! what? Sharon, when on earth do you get your sewing done if you Follow that many blogs, LOL

  11. I also would like to say Does that mean that Blogger reader is not going to work either? ... Or should that be okay?

    Villas in Tuscany

  12. I never used google reader really but love this bloglovin thing. So easy to use and transfer that even I could do it lol. Thank you for telling us about it.


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