Thursday 14 March 2013

Let's Celebrate

This year I am taking part in
so I put this in the mail yesterday
and it is making to way over to Claire at Claire Bear Quilts
I will share what's inside once I know Claire has it :o)
I am also suffering a major loss of my sewing Mojo.
If anyone has seen it can you kindly send it my way.
In the mean time I think I night just go and clean off my
entire design wall, put all my projects in their
boxes and see what yells at me the loudest
to come back out!
Enjoy your day,
hugs, Sharon


  1. Sometimes mojo just needs a vacation. It happens! She'll be back... bigger stronger and better than ever!!! You'll see.... :)

  2. I'm sure whatever you have sent Claire will be amazing... mojo is there... maybe you just need some rest and rejuvenation...

  3. Give yourself some space Sharon,you've been unwell and need to rest up a bit.
    The old MoJo will be back in force before you know it.
    Keep well,hugs Laura xx

  4. that sounds like a great idea Shaz,chill out and do something else for a bit,you will be back again before you know it,it is probably your body telling you to slow down and catch your breath for a minute my friend.xx

  5. You have probably exhausted your mojo with all the work you do. Good idea t o clear the decks and see what happens.

  6. It's here! Waiting for me when I got home from work but I have not opened it and was going to be really good and wait until Easter...but if your adoring fans demand I open it, then I put me to shame though, yours wont be ready to post until after the weekend when I actually get time to finish it all. Your mojo will return :)

  7. Be assured it hasn't gone far. You sometimes just need to have a wee break. Your parcels look gorgeous.
    Be kind to yourself. Hugs xx

  8. Well, I think your mojo and my mojos are out there skipping about together! Lol!
    Looking forward to seeing what is in that package!

  9. I agree with creative my mojo has going on vacation too, I'm hoping To find mine at Nundle lol.
    Cant wait to see what you sent Maria


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