Sunday 17 March 2013

Back to that cake

Do you remember the cake I mentioned in my last post?
Here is the start.  Cake pops. Never made them before and I
was only after the balls, no sticks etc.

Baked until they were JUST cooked.

A thin layer of cake mix was then added to a cake pan and
the "cake pops" were arranged.
Cake mix was then tipped over the "cake pops" to cover.
This is where I ran into problems and ran out of vanilla cake mix and
ended up with strawberry. Make two.

Roll on to earlier today.
Assemble one cake.
Miss 3, almost 4 (Tuesday) was in charge of decorating the cake
after I iced it and I think she did a wonderful job.

Lily loves her Lalaloopsies.
Did you know that their story says that they are sewn from
something recycled and come to life when their last stitch is sewn.
File:Lalaloopsy logo.png

....  and back to the cake.
In hindsight I would do a couple of things differently.

A rainbow spotted Birthday Cake.
No where near as picture perfect as the ones I've seen on
Instagram and Facebook, well that is until I see this next picture.

Perfect Now, but I might be a little biased :o)

So that's one cake down. Another (not the same) will be made for us
on Tuesday night to celebrate Miss Lily's birthday
 and cupcakes will be made for Kinder on Wednesday.

Before I go.
Thank you to everyone on your well wishes over my run in with my
Rotary Cutter last night.  It is still very sore but I'm sure that in a
few days it will be feeling a bit better.
I'm still not doing the dishes for the 5 days though! :o)

Have a great start to the week.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. All that effort to get out of the dishes! Lol, glad you are on the mend - just milk it for all it's worth!

  2. I am SUPER impressed at that cake (especially in view of your current disability)...and that pic says it all...PRICELESS!

  3. Miss Lily will think her cake is way better than all the pinterest ones anyway. It think it is awesome. Any cake that mum makes is always awesome.

  4. That cake is fabulous,a great idea.Miss Lilly looks chuffed to bits,and did an awesome job decorating it.Shes a bonny little girl that miss Lilly.Glad the cut is healing.Enjoy your baking week.
    Laura xx

  5. What a fantastic idea and a great looking cake. Well done.....especially considering your injury. Maybe it would be better to not wash up for 7 days.

  6. A great looking cake, i'm sure not a crumb was left!

  7. OH WOW!!! This is fantastic!!! I LOVE the added element of the rainbow coloured cake pops inside the cake!! They didn't over cook inside the surrounding cake mix?!! ... The strawberry cake mix is good isn't it!! We used the white wings mix last year, just after it came out, and I have to admit .. the bits chopped off in the shaping/flattening process were consumed before the cake was even fully decorated, lol!! ;) ... Lily looks happy with her piece - must've been yummy, despite the cook's injury - obviously didn't slow you down much, lol! :) Many happy returns for Miss Lily, and may she have many many more to come :) Hugs!

  8. What a great cake. Looks wonderful to me and I'm sure also to Lilly. Its perfect because you made it and she decorated it! I bet the one's on Pinterest didn't have that! Definitely no washing up for you, can't get your finger wet!

  9. Oh Shaz that cake looks amazing,i think you did an awesome Job and by the look on Miss Lil's face i would say that she thinks so too.
    I hope your hand is better soon my friend and your sewing mojo should come back then too,enjoy your small break and i hope you got Glenn some rubber gloves with all those dishes that he is going to be doing,lol.xx

  10. You both did a lovely job of the cake. Very clever of you and Miss Lily. Hope your hand recovers quickly. Hugs......

  11. The cake looks great! I whacked off the side of my finger with a rotary cutter about a week ago. Those boogers are sharp aren't they?! I did hurt quite a bit for several days, but I have been amazed at how fast it has healed. I hope your injury heals quickly, too :)

  12. WOW! That is some cake. Hope your hand is healing quickly. Hugs, Christine

  13. What a great cake - there is nothing like the looks on children's faces at the sight of a birthday cake

  14. Gorgeous cake and cute Lily. What a fantastic idea.

  15. Oh wow.... great job and how fun... and all that with a sore finger? Lily certainly approves.... Yes, milk the not washing dishes all you can....

  16. Oh definitely NO dishes... and I think you may need more than 5
    What a beautiful smile that says it all... your right... the cake was PERFecT or so "she" thinks and that's all that matters! :)
    Oh and get well real soon... :)

  17. Gorgeous cake Sharon, you did an amazing job! Poor you with the rotary trimmer, I hope you are healing well! Hugs Wendy

  18. Fabulous cake Sharon. Hope your healing ok. Sharyn:)

  19. That birthday cake looks amazing sharon - think Miss Lily looked like she enjoyed it


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