Monday 2 July 2018

Pretty Liberty Pincushion Tutorial - English Paper Pieced

July 1st marked the start of the 
'Liberty Scrap Challenge'
being hosted by Ava and Neve.

The idea of the challenge to to encourage you to use your scraps and share your makes using the #libertyscrapchallenge hashtag and just for playing along you go into the draw for some prizes from  Ava and Neve and fellow sponsors for the month of July.  Your makes don't have to be big and elaborate, but of course they can be if you wish. It is all about encouraging you to play and utilise all those pretty Liberty scraps. I am planning on a few smaller makes over the month.

My first make is this quick and simple EPP Liberty Pincushion.
I am sharing the tutorial with you today incase you too would like to make one, or two!

Please note that this tutorial does assume that you have basic EPP knowledge 
with regards to basing your shapes and sewing them together.


Eight (8) 2" Squares of Paper*
Eight (8) 2.5" Squares of fabric 
Sewline Glue Pen / Refill
Thread - I have used Aurifils 80wt in a off-white.
Size 10/11 Milliners Needle
Your preferred Pincushion Stuffing
Aurifil Floss 
(or a thick stronger thread for securing the button)

*I use a 120 - 180 GSM Paper

Glue baste (or thread baste if that is you preferred method) your eight squares
and then lay them out in a pleasing manner in two groups of four as pictured.

Using a whip stitch, English paper piece the two groups of four together.

Align them as pictured below and whip stitch the 'pink floral' and 'light purple floral' squares together.

Continue to sew the two four patches together working your way around. I worked anti-clockwise. 

Looking at the pictures below you can see that the 'orange floral' is sewn to the 'pink floral'. 
At this point your pink floral will have a square sewn to all sides and its paper can be removed.

The 'orange floral' is now sewn to the floral print with the purple flower.
The 'orange floral' is now surrounded on all sides and can have its paper removed.

Keep following the squares around and remove the papers as you go.
Do not be scared to fold any papers to allow you to align points as you sew.

Leave the last seam OPEN. 
Remove any remaining papers and turn your pincushion right sides out.
Stuff firmly with your preferred filling. I have use a fibre fill (toy stuffing).
Sew the last seam closed. I like to use a pin to hold the seam closed as I stitch.

Pick the perfect button, I have used a pretty sparkly crystal button. 

Using a strong thread (I used 4 strands of Aurifil Floss) and a long needle secure the button to the centre of the pincushion forming an indent.  To do this, decide what will be the top and bottom of your pincushion. Thread your needle up from the centre back of the pincushion through to the centre front of your pincushion, holding a tail of thread to the back (you will need this to knot later), thread on your button and take your needle and thread back through to the back of the pincushion. Squeeze the pincushion firmly in the middle as you tie the thread at the back of the pincushion forming the indent. You might find this easier with an extra pair of hands.  Knot your thread a few times, trim away the excess thread and you have your finished pincushion.

Enjoy and don't forget to share with the #libertyscrapchallenge hashtag on Instagram 
for the month of July to be in the running for some prizes.  

If you don't have any Liberty scraps Avan and Neve have some bundles HERE and of course you can always start building a little Liberty Stash by signing up to their Monthly Subscription (details can be found HERE). I have to admit, knowing a gorgeous bundle of Liberty will be landing in my letterbox each month certainly makes it easy to cut into my Liberty on hand.

Happy Stitching,

Sharon x


  1. Very pretty, thank you for sharing. x

  2. That looks like fun! Thanks for sharing your photos.


  3. I really like your pincushion! Can't wait to make it! Thank you for the instructions!


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