Wednesday 16 October 2013

Making myself accountable

I am sure that I am not the only person in this position.

My current WIP / UFO list currently looks a little like this.

Girls Day Out Quilt
Vintage / Liberty Spools Quilt
Lancaster Quilt
Dolly and Me Quilt
Bali Wedding Star/Wedding Ring Quilt
Hex on the Beach Quilt
Best Friends Forever BOM
Tail Feathers Quilt
Mrs. Bealsey's Sampler (Up to date)
Toes in the Sand BOM
Scandinavian Rose Quilt
Midnight at the Oasis Quilt

Yikes that's an even Dozen!  Looks like I really need to make myself accountable.
And look they are all quilts except for one wall hanging (Mrs. Beasley Sampler).
7 of them are heavy on the Embroidery / Applique.
3 are Hand Pieced

So what's my plan?  
To try hard to finish some things before the end of the year and try really hard to avoid any starts.
By putting this in writing and on my Blog is my attempt to keep me accountable :o)

I am going to pick one project at a time to work on. Something that I am obviously not that good at doing!
I'm not even going to attempt to list the projects that are sitting here all ready to go and the other BOM's that I am currently stashing!

So, the first project on that list that is going to get my attention?

Thought I had better work on this one before Miss Lily outgrows it.
Last time I worked on this was about 7 months ago. How do I know? Because the last block arrived in my mail box in the last fortnight.  Quick refresher ......

Block 1

 Block 2

 and all the rest ready to go.

 Wish me luck :o)
hugs Sharon


  1. I wish you luck,it's such a pretty quilt can't wait to see it finished.You do make me laugh though ,the only way to stop you starting new projects would be to tie your hands behind your back,lol of course I realise that wouldn't work cos you wouldn't be able to get on with your current ones haha.I will be watching to see how you get on before the end of the year.xx

  2. Good luck Sharon. I'm sure the way you get sewing done, you'll manage to knock quite a few of these projects off.

  3. I'm watching you....muahahahahs

  4. I have every faith in you getting through your wips
    there are so many fantastic projects there
    will cheer from the sidelines, don't know about making you accountable though, I am not one to judge lol

  5. Goodluck and unlike me I know you will have these all done in no time..........lots of great projects to work on.................

  6. You've put it out there now.......we will all be keeping an eye on you! They are all too gorgeous not to be finished.

  7. I reckon I could give you a run for your money with WIPs Sharon. :-) If you asked me, I would say pick the one which will take you least amount of time to finish, and do that. That will give you a huge sense of achievement. Good luck! Oh. And don't start anything new. That's baaadddd advice isn't it. LOL

  8. Good luck? Don't worry your not the only one . Some times you just have to start another.

  9. Brave decision, don't think I could do this as I'd have to add a crochet list as well and then I'd have a complete meltdown LOL. Good luck with finishing off a few before starting a new project....or two :) Barb.

  10. i have faith in you my friend,you will get some awesome finishes and these blocks are so cute,have a lovely day my friend.xx

  11. Good luck! No pressure....we will all be watching. Sometimes you have to take a stand, then go for it.

  12. Sorry to be the one to tell you... you are no orphan... I start a project O look there another one I will start... gee yes another one (chuckle)

  13. Goodness Sharon!! And I thought *I* had too many on my plate ... but then, you DO seem to pound out your projects, so I'm 100% sure you'll get these done quickly and you can get some others started soon too, lol! ... Did your Dolly & Me quilt come in kit form? ... And where did you get this one from? ... lol! I think I've added quite a few to my *wish to start soon* list ;) Good luck getting through this list!!! Hugs!!

  14. This is the CUTEST bom around, for sure! Yes, get working on it so we can see more! ;D And hey, if you ever feel like your WIPs/etc. are out of control, just stop over at my place. There are several of us in my boat who can make your list look tiny. heh!

  15. Half the fun of being a quilter is so much choice. You're definitely not alone.

  16. Wishing you the best! I feel your uneasiness with all these WIP however as Lynda said, isn't it wonderful to be able to choose? I really like having lots on the go but it is nice to finish something every now and then! You have also completed a lot in the meantime too!

  17. Oh you will cave and start something new! I know it - you won't be able to help yourself. Now I've said that you will be all the more determined to prove me wrong!

  18. Good luck Sharon - that list is not too bad, and know how good you are at sticking to it. I dare not even think how long my list is

  19. Good luck Sharon. The chosen quilt us adorable. Miss Lily will love it.

  20. Well I feel a little better now:) My family is always asking me when you going to have these quilt tops done? Well I say when the stop making beautiful fabrics and patterns!! The quilt you are working on is adorable...can't wait to see it all done:)

  21. aaaah... such a beautiful pile of quilts in the making... I think I would just lay them down and roll in the loveliness.... I adore the one you are making now... alot of work but soooo very adorable...

  22. Good luck Sharon - it is always hard to get things finished, when there are so many new and wonderful things coming out!! Love the teddy bear block....I reckon you will get them done in the fullness of time, don't be too hard on yourself!

  23. You can do it!! The worst bit is going to be resisting starting more projects. Maybe you should stitch yourself some blinkers to keep your eyes firmly on the goal. You are so brave listing your ufo's like that. I come out in hives just thinking about mine. If it's any help I'll slip on my ra ra skirt and shake my pom pom's for you... just don't expect any pics of that! :o)) Good Luck!!

  24. That's quite a list....but I love the fact that you choose quilts that have a lot of work in them and will be worth it in the end.

  25. How are you going with this one now Sharon?!!


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