Monday 27 August 2012

Weather Vane

"Weather Vane"
is the next block in the 
2012 Designer Mystery BOM

It was designed by Barbara Groves and Mary Jacobson
otherwise known as "Me and my Sister Designs"
and I have finished sewing up mine this morning.

Here are my first three blocks so far. 

Santa Sack Swap

Also managed to get a couple more Xmas pressies ready to hand over to 
Shez at the Bloggers meet this coming Saturday.

I'm off  now to find my pins and pincushion.
I asked for help to "flip" the back room yesterday (where I am sewing)
in a hope that the space might work better and since then they have been missing in action.

No one is owning up to "hiding" them on me and I 
know they were her Sat night as I was using them.
hmmm ..... I could go buy more and while I'm there maybe some new fabric?

Have a great day.


  1. It's going to be such a pretty project! and no better excuse I think to hit the shops :)

  2. lovely blocks Sharon,and those pressies look so pretty,hope you find your pin cushions soon,gee sat will be here before we know it.xx

  3. Fabulous blocks you have there, don't you hate losing something? Hope you find the pins soon !

  4. Wow, I love this block Sharon. It looks beautiful. I hope you find your pins before somebody sits on them!
    Therese xx

  5. The blocks are looking great Sharon. Ooh lucky Shez, though I count a couple more than a couple. I hope you have found your pins and pincushion. I have four yarn needles which keep disappearing, I can only ever lay my hands on one of them!!!

  6. Your blocks look lovely. I'm looking forward to meeting you and Shez on Saturday. Only five more sleeps!

  7. It's going to be a beautiful quilt when finished. It has a really fresh, spring feel about it. Good luck with the pins, surely your family doesn't think you're sewing too much!?

  8. lovely blocks... glad to hear you have settled in well enough to get sewing done.... the blog meet will be such fun...

  9. Your latest block is really pretty! You can't beat red and aqua, can you!?

  10. Such a pretty you fabric
    hugs Tanya

  11. Your new block is gorgeous, lovely colours. Hope you find your pins soon!!

  12. If it was my house, those pins and pincushion would be with all the missing socks. Where do they all go? Funny how nobody ever does the way, your blocks look devine.

  13. Love that block. Ooh and those pressies look inviting

  14. Nice block! .....and then reading the title I realised I have it....just haven't stitched it! It was a weak moment late one night when I decided to join in the BOM and then I forgot all about it until I received the email asking for the first payment! This is about the extent of my buying this year as I am saving for my holidays later in the year..... I love the fabrics and seeing yours made up has prompted me to get going on mine before they all arrive and it gets to be a much more time consuming task! Might even start on the mystery blocks from a few years ago! I should make them in tandem....make one old one when the new one arrives.......

  15. What a great block. I came home to my block 3 and 4 other BOMs...not sure where to planning on getting into the sewing room tonight to reaquaint myself with my fabrics...IM sure the pin cushion will turn up where you least except it!!

  16. great blocks and stunning colours too

  17. Mine is sitting...and waiting...and tempting me :) I am loving these blocks so far, and all the extra fabric that is left over! Yours are looking great.


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