Wednesday 29 August 2012

I knew this would happen

 Seriously Sharon (yes I am talking to myself)
 you didn't really think that you would go out to buy some pins 
(yes mine have still not shown up) and only buy pins did you?

So my little trip this afternoon to replace my pins has resulted in two new rulers

a 6" x 24" - How I have not had one before now is beyond me
and a 26" long 10deg wedge ruler (I have plans for this one)
and of course 16pc of fabric for my FLiQS Partners Mini Quilt.

Oh, and I might have just expressed an interest in this BOM whilst at my LQS :o)



"Expensive pins"

oh and I still have to make a new pincushion!

hugs, Sharon


  1. lol,thats funny Sharon,it was an interesting trip with some great buys.xx

  2. hahha..... sucker sharon!!! I have the long ruler - it was my first one I bought and has been so very useful.... lovely fabrics and I do like your Lancaster quilt... that should keep you busy for aaaaaggggeeeesss..

  3. I find when I am looking for something i can't find it, but I always see stuff when i'm not looking! I'm sure that's how the shopping fairies work!

  4. you will love Lancaster, and I adore my 24" ruler and equally adore my 6.5" x 12" ruler.

  5. paper piecing is addictive :-)
    happy stitching, P

  6. It's just like grocery shopping. You can never go in and only get some milk! Lancaster looks lovely.

  7. Hubby would have looked a lot harder for the pins if he had known! Nice housewarming pressie for yourself.

  8. hahahahahahaha!!! Sharon you crack me up !! I have started the Lancaster quilt - I think it may end up being a bag though !! Good shopping trip !!

  9. So glad that pins actually made it into the shopping basket! I have been known to make a trip for something small like pins, buy $$$ of unplanned stuff - then come home without the "pins"- very embarrassing :) the BOM looks lovely in pink with all those scallops.

  10. Oh you are too funny! I'm glad though that I sm not alone in this sort of thing. My 1/4" foot went missing and I looked everywhere and blamed the kids and in the end went and bought a new one...only to find that I had packed up the orginial one with a U.F.O. and found it months later. Now I no longer blame my kids...

  11. Don't you just hate it when all those things just jump into your basket.....lots of lovely buys just the same.

  12. Hahaha Sharon,a girl after my own heart,go girl.
    I don't know how you've managed all this time without a 24 inch ruler,mine is in constant use.
    Enjoy your "pins"

  13. We are hopeless, arn't we Sharon lol. Seriously though, love the fabric, and I am a sucker for bom's too if thats any consolation

  14. Oh Sharon *she shakes her head in disappointment*


  15. Hahaha Im the same, go to buy one thing and omg Ive bought half the store lol...Ive got Lancaster ready to go, but need to finish 4 to 5 ufos first when your ready Ill join you :)

  16. SNAP I am exactly the same!


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