Sunday 26 August 2012

Even with glasses I still can't get it right

How is Blogger's word and number verification going for you?

Are you frustrated trying to get the letters and number right?

I know I am.

I like to leave comments but lately I have given up if
the verification shows up on the comment form.

Well maybe now's the time to join Chookyblue and I, and turn it off on your blogs. 

You might be surprised how many more comments you might get.
Some are saying that blogland seems a little quiet lately, could this be the reason?

 Please think about turning it off, most spam gets picked up and put in the spam folder and if someone leaves a not very nice comment you can delete it.

If you're not happy you can always switch back.

This little Robot is just up there on the left of my Blog, letting people know that mine is off.
Feel free to save him to your computer and add him to your Blog.

Enjoy your day.



  1. yes those comments are a your pic......added to my sidebar..

    If people are still getting spam they can change their settings to also only allow people with a google account to leave a comment or the open ID thing.

    Or even moderate comments after say 4 days as most comments are left within a few days and when I used to get spam most of it was left on old posts.....


  2. I have the same trouble. I switched it off ages ago, and have had no problems at all. I love leaving comments on blogs without word verification.

  3. I turned mine off last year when Google upgraded their spam police. Also if you do not allow anonymous comments you should not have much if any problem with spam.

  4. yes i hate that thing! I hope everyone turns it off! Thanks, I was just getting so frustrated with it also!

  5. I agree, I hate the new word verification, but what I find more frustrating is some people have word verification AND comment moderation! thanks for the piccie ;-)

  6. Yes, I too hate the new word verification. I had taken it off my own blog before the added the numbers, which are often unreadable! So far the spam catcher has caught the spam, and I like my readers too much to make them jump through the verification hoops.
    When I try to comment, I may try to jump the hoops once or twice, and then I just give up.

  7. Switched off long ago and have no troubles at all! with it elsewhere I have often given up trying to read the 'blur' they expect us to decipher!

  8. Ive turned mine off too!! Ive grabbed your cute robot, thanks for sharing x

  9. I was worried than my non blog savvy friends would not be able to comment but I had to do a few word verifications yesterday and it seems to be getting worse. some of the letters were so blurred, i had to refresh up to 4 times. Thanks for the robot....I am adding him to my page.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  10. I really hate that thing! I hit the recycle thing after the letters until I get one that I think I can do. And I keep trying to leave messages, especially when it is a giveaway. I can always use some fabric darn it!

  11. Thank you for the robot badge, I have added him to my sidebar!!

  12. I can understand that people may feel vulnerable without word verification, but I've had mine off for a while now and have no problems.

  13. Hate it,I really do.
    I only give 1 shot ,sadly if I don't get it right first time I give up and that's a shame because I love leaving comments.
    Laura xx

  14. well done with the logo Sharon,lets together stamp out word verification altogether.xx

  15. mine's off i hate verification and have so much trouble trying to decifer it too

  16. I'm so impatient with word verification! And those letters and numbers are so hard to read...give me the odd spam comment any day :)

  17. I hate it!
    If I can't get it right after 2 goes I give up!

  18. For a while, the word verification became very readable and now it has gone to garbage. I have had to try five or six times to leave a comment when I really wanted to leave one. Otherwise, it is read and just go on without leaving a comment.

  19. I don't have it on either - it drives me nuts! Yay for no robots :)

  20. Yes! I turned mine off awhile least it BETTER be off! I hate the new numbers. I think I attempted 6 times on a friends just now!!! I almost gave up! I only get spam one to two times a month. Easy to catch!

  21. verification does waste a bit of time that can be used for other things... like sewing... and reading... and eating...


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