Saturday 25 August 2012

Vignette Progress

Vignette Mystery Quilt

I have spent the last couple of nights working on this project as
I set myself a task of trying to get up to date before the next issue comes out
on the 1st September ..... I made it!

I am now officially up to date :o)

I still do not like needle turn appliqué :(
I am thinking that I need to keep my eyes out for a class
and get some one on one tips.

I had the opportunity to talk with Leanne at Urban stitches last month about how she
is thinking about finishing off the quilt. It is great to pick a designers brain :) 
I like where she is going but I thought I might try / do something a little different to 
what Leanne is thinking/planning for the bird corners 
so what better excuse to turn on my sewing machine for the first time in this house
and turn my loose blocks (well the first three rows) into this. 

This is the best that I could do in the kitchen standing on a chair (above) but 
Glenn is a little taller than me so he can get a better overhead shot (below).

Now to go work on these corners and finish setting up my space.
Hope you are having a great Saturday.



  1. It really is beautiful Sharon!!!

  2. It's looking beautiful Sharon. Hang in there with the needle turn. I used to hate it too, but love it now. It really helped to watch an expert.

  3. Wow.... it's gorgeous! You deserve a medal for keeping Vignette on track and up to date while there is so much else going on in your life. I'm so impressed.... do you give life lessons by any chance... sign me up!

  4. Gorgeous as usual Sharon,it's a very pretty quilt.Your overhead shots are great,Now don't go putting me off the needle turn,I plan to try it this year.I have joined the BOM from The Fat Quarter Shop starting in Nov,it's called Pumpkinsville,lots of appliqué .Hope I'm not biting of more than I can chew....will have to start practicing ...xx

  5. Looking lovely..........enjoy arranging your space

  6. wow and double wow Sharon its fantastic,well done.xx

  7. it is looking so good. I sat down last weekend and began to cut out my linen to begin to trace the designs.

  8. It is looking gorgeous, you have done so well keeping up with this one, so much stitching!! Very inspiring.

  9. Absolutely breathtaking! It is amazing.

  10. WOW looks fantastic...must get mine out and do some work on it.
    Hugs Tanya

  11. Looking gorgeous Sharon!!! And your needle turn looks perfect, so whether you enjoy it or not, you've certainly mastered the technique!! This is such an amazing quilt, I would be too scared to make it for fear that it would be ruined!! REALLY enjoying watching yours come together though! Keep up the good work - you'll be so proud of yourself once it's finished!!! Hugs!

  12. Your Vignette is looking beautiful. I think your needleturn skills look amazing. Very inspiring!

  13. It is absolutely gorgeous!! I may add it to my list oneday but all that stitching is puttting me off...loving the centre block, well done!

  14. looks fantastic! i haven't done any needleturn applique

  15. It is beautiful Sharon.... your needleturn looks great but I think it does help if you enjoy it!!! haha... well done for taking it on ...


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