Thursday 23 August 2012

Catching Up

Want to see where I am setting up "my space"?

This is one of our new living areas.
So much natural light, I wont know myself.
I am having this little bit of space. It is just wide enough for my table
to go just here on the left, tucked nicely behind the wall.

I have room for my design wall and cutting table but they wont be going in as this space is visible for everyone once they get to the dining area and I want to try and keep it as presentable as possible.

The other side of the room is being set up with a couch, book case, T.V. play station and some of Miss Lily's toys.  My aim is to use the couch to divide the room and make it "My Space".
It will very much be a work in progress as I get in there and play and see what works best.

If you follow me on face book or Instagram you would know that I have my fabric unpacked so it is starting to feel a little more like home.

Other things that are making this house more like home are ......

In our Entrance Hall - dead giveaway that a "sewer" lives here :o)

Living room.
 It is nice to have a bright space to display my pram and a couple of babies.
Nicholas is over there in my Pram and on the wall behind this photo I have another set up in vintage suitcases. These are actually the suit cases that my parents used when we came out from the UK some 37 years ago!

Below - One corner of the dining area.
To the right of this photo there are still some boxes but we are getting there :o)
Hey Khris, how fantastic does that table topper look :o)
Thank you, I LOVE it.

I haven't managed any sewing yet but postie has kept me happy with some parcels.

This is my little win from last months OPAM draw.

As soon as I organise some fabric I am ready to start this as part of the stitch-along.
Link is on my side bar of you are interested.

Also arriving yesterday is block three of the DM BOM over at the FQ Shop.

I have also been invited to take part in a mini quilt swap so I grabbed out my pencils and started playing tonight. It is a very rough design and even rougher drawing but this is what I have so far.

5 panels
"Improv" piecing
Top - Sky blue down to grass greens at the bottom
Framed in a sandy linen fabric

Design and colors are/will be based on the Arizona Desert.
I have posted this on Flickr to see if I get any comments from my Partner.
If not, back to the drawing board :o)

Have a great day


  1. Love the pram and suitcases holding your babies, and the new space is wonderful. I would put my cutting table and design wall right in there for everyone to see. lol.

  2. Your new sewing space looks amazing! Love the pram and Khris' table topper!

  3. Don't do FB or the other thing........that looks like a great spot to sew.......nice and light.........

  4. The new house looks great, very light and airy, and your quilts look right at home. Have fun setting up your new space.

  5. Great rooms with great light ;-) love the unpacking process and finding new homes for things ;-) Have lots of fun in your new home ;-)

  6. Sharon - Your new place is wonderful!! Love all the natural light and how you have decorated so far!! Don't work too hard!! LOL!! At least until it is time to start sewing!! :-))

  7. Sharon you have already made your new house a loving home and wow all that natual light to sew by .xx

  8. Hi Sharon, lovely to see you getting settled in. That pram is adorable. Good luck with all of your unpacking. Leave a little time to sew though...if Mum's happy then everyone's happy!!
    Therese xx

  9. everything looks marvelous and the sewing area sounds like it will work out very well indeed. look forward to seeing some pics of it when you are all organised.

  10. what a beautiful area to be able to sew in, you are lucky. Love the rest of your new house, it looks great.

  11. great! When you said you wanted to divide the room with couch? Maybe you can tuck the cutting table behind the couch and store some things under it? I have also seen some great use of space by taking a sofa table and using it for fabric storage at the back of the couch!

    Those windows are VERY nice!!!!!!!

  12. Your new place looks like home already. Love your decor details and your new creative space. Look forward to seeing what you'll create in it.

  13. Your new home looks lovely and your decorating looks beautiful already. Hugs Wendy

  14. What a nice place to live. I can't believe you are still enjoying your little quilt. I makes my heart warm. Huggs from Utah

  15. I'm going backwards in my reading... your space looks fantastic and you have done such a lot getting your new home looking lovely...


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