Tuesday 21 August 2012

Hi there ;o)

We are here!
Glenn is back at the old house mowing the lawns in readiness for handing 
back the keys tomorrow and I am surrounded by boxes in the new house.  
Slowly getting there.

As you can gather by this post the internet is up and running, 
new email address appears to be working
 and I have a LOT of blog posts to catch up on, 
wow you ladies have been busy. 

Might take me a little bit to get up and running again.
I went to the Cardiac Specialist last week.
He has confirmed a diagnosis and I have been back
in today and hooked up for 24hr ECG monitoring and am
being referred to another specialist in Melbourne for a
work up and procedure that I am choosing not to think to much about at the
moment.  The thought of them going near my heart scares me let alone the
thought that they actually want to get inside it!

OK, off now to unpack some boxes and make this house
feel and look like our Home  :o)

I will share some pictures with you soon.
Talk soon


  1. Sharon take care of yourself while getting organised in your new home... don't give the Heart dudes anything else to worry about!

  2. how exciting being in your new home and i will pray that everything will go well for you Sharon,take care.xx

  3. Hi Sharon, I've missed you & your lovely blog posts! Good luck with all that unpacking - the only fun part would be your fabric! I hope all goes well with the specialist - try not to think about it - & when you do,think only positive thoughts!!

  4. Oh my gosh! I'm scared for you! Just put your fear out of your mind. I'll handle that part from here. Deal? Seriously, hope you're doing okay. Take good care, my dear.

  5. Have fun (?) unpacking, and take care of yourself. We have been missing your posts and lovely projects.

  6. yay for you getting in all okay! It does get overwhelming catching up on blogs when there has been a break, soemtimes you just want to yell, hey stop posting for a bit! Well no not really :) Take it easy. Remember the Specialists are specialists, they know what they are doing!

  7. Try to enjoy your new home and take it easy, if possible! I hope you have a great doctor who can give you some positive news!

  8. Lovely Sharon,go steady with the unpacking,plenty of time.(I know you just want to sew)
    Stay positive with your health terror,the specialists will look after you,most of all girl,look after yourself.
    Enjoy your new home.
    Loads of love Laura xx

  9. Nice to hear you're all moved, I hope all your treatments go really well, take care of yourself, Wendy xx

  10. Hope your new home is all that you hoped for
    And Im thinlking of you as you go for your treatment It is amazing what they can do these days xx

  11. glad to hear your in the new house........i'm sure you will make it a home very soon........take care....

  12. Take care of you and your little heart Sharon !!
    I hope your new house pleases you !

  13. Don't work too hard love! Take your time!!!! <3

  14. Dont envy your unpacking, take care of yourself Sharon and think positive!! xx

  15. i'm sure your procedure will go fine. it is so easy these days to have things fixed and doesnt that little box get in the road when you have to sleep with it lol. don't worry too much about it and take that packing slowly as you will get there in the end.


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