Saturday 16 June 2012

Just a little sewing this week

Wow it really has been a quiet week for me on the sewing front and just as I was starting to feel better we had to rush Miss Lily off to the Doctor.  I am now learning very quickly how to deal with Croup.  Definitely not something I would wish upon anyone, parent or child.  

Pretty much all of my day yesterday was spent with my little one curled up on my lap until dad got home and she quickly changed spots and dad got the cuddles for the rest of the night. Happened to be great for me as I appreciated the break and it also allowed me to do something for the FNSI.

I pulled out a UFO. It has been a LONG time since you or I have seen this one.
 Once Upon a Time BOM
and pieced together the last two blocks.
They are now ready for some attention when the mood strikes.

I am a little behind on my 
Merry Merry Snowman BOM 
so I also pieced block 4

now block 3 and 4 are sitting there awaiting me when the mood strikes.

My little table is starting to get a real pile of stitching on it now with the above blocks as well as 4 blocks for the Vignette Mystery Quilt and a little something for one of the Christmas Swaps I'm in. Hope my Mo-jo for some hand stitching finds me soon.

Ohh, see the Tilda's Christmas Ideas Book at the top, it arrived yesterday ... Love it!
might just have to get the others now.  I have also admired from afar but think I am now
converted and in love :o)

I also managed a little retail therapy on Thursday
 and these goodies came home with me

I have plans for the solids and the top two DS Fabrics I just couldn't resist.

I have also decided on a "flavour" for my quilt as part of the 
Soda Pop Quilt-a-long

 Rainbow Slushee.
If all goes well I might be able to get a start on it after 
I make this weeks Bottled Rainbow block.

Hope you have a great weekend.


  1. I'm a huge Tilda fan ::))

  2. Oh dear I hope most of the Croup is over - We had a little one with it last week and it was no fun for anyone :( Well done on all the progress - it's looking fantastic! Lx

  3. Hope your little one is better soon. You might need to hire a humidifier from one of the local pharmacy's and run some friers balsum ???spell through it for little ones croup. Used to do it for my younger brother who forever had it and also for our Gracie a couple of times too. Mind you after 40 years the childrens hospital in Melb probably recommend other things lol.

  4. I haven't seen Once Upon a Time blocks before... looks fun. Hope Lily feels better soon... croup is scary for you all...

  5. You poor things - croup is so frightening!

    I love your Merry Merry Snowman quilt. I would love to make it at some stage too.

  6. Gorgeous Snowmen...envy your productive this week :)

  7. Poor Lily and you, croup is a scary illness, I hope she is better. I love all your blocks, those snowmen are gorgeous, xx

  8. My DD#1 had croup when she was 2. She was so sick and spent two days in the hospital. It was scary. She still to this day as a touch of lung troubles. Hang in there, I hope she starts feeling better soon.


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