Friday 13 April 2012

Stitching, Stitching, Stitching

I have finished a couple more stitcheries for my

Boy Story Quilt

I have also been plodding away at blocks 8 &12 of my

Vignette Mystery Quilt

So close, yet it still feels so far off before this panel is finished.

Also added some more books to my collection this week.

Have you seen that there is a

Zakka Style Sew Along
happening at the moment.
Here is the Scheadule for the Zakka Along!

Now I have the book I might be very tempted to jump on board for a couple of the projects.
And one last thing before I go and grab another coffee.

Guess where Lily and I are off to tomorrow

The rest of the family will be enjoying a movie in a Gold Class Cinema.
They think they have the better end of the deal but Lily and I disagree :o)

Then later in the day we are taking the kids up on the Eureka Sky Deck.
I will be no where near the edge or the area with the glass bottom.
(I have a little large fear of heights)
I will stand back with camera in hand :o)

I hope you have an amazing day.



  1. going so well with the stitcheries... boys story just tickles my humour... lovely books ... so many great projects... enjoy the convention and I would be like you - standing well back and holding on tight!!!

  2. have fun tomorrow Sharon and Miss Lily and thankyou for the zakka links think i will check them out.xx

  3. Wow! The stitchers look fantastic Sharon!! ... Boys story is one of the quilts I would love to do in my time, but atm I only have a daughter ... and somehow I think it best to make her a quilt before my cousin's little boy (he'd love BS!!) ... The books look great - looking forward to seeing what you decide to make from them!! ... Enjoy the convention! I really wish sometimes that we had some (or even just the one!) up here, but unfortunately it's not so. It'll be a visit way in the future - you can bet I'll be stocking up when I do though!! LOL!!

  4. Have a wonderful time at the exhibition etc. I was heading into town and heard about a suitcase quilt that is going to be on display there too. Sounds fantastic.

  5. Lovely stitcheries !!
    Enjoy your day at the show !

  6. Hi Sharon, I tried leaving a comment yesterday but I think it didn't go through!
    Just wanted to say have a lovely day at the quilt show. I'm sure you'll come back with loads of ideas & projects.
    Enjoy a lovely day with your family.
    Therese xx

  7. ohhhhh Sharon the Sew to Swap book looks so lovely . . . what kind of projects does it consist of?
    Your Boy Story Quilt looks FANTASTIC

  8. Your projects are progressing well, I know what you mean about the Vignette, lots of stitching!!


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