Sunday 15 April 2012

AQC 2012 - Eye Candy

Lily and I went to the AQC in Melbourne yesterday and we had a great time.
So many beautiful and inspiring quilts and of course
so many, ever so tempting stalls full of goodies :o)

Here are just a couple of my favourite Quilts that were on display

"Black and White" by Jane Rundle

"It's Knot a Garden without Birds" by Rowena Lawson

"Lots of Dots" by Chris Jurd

and what would a Quilt show be without some Hexagons thrown in and all hand pieced.

Mary Chubb Toleman's "Sisterly Love"

and with the New York Beauty QAL happening at the moment
I just have to include this

"Carnival" by Coralee Hume
and this one

"Twisted" by Shirley Gillam
and this one

I am now seriously rethinking my fabric choices for mine before proceeding any further :o)

I have a couple of other things that I would like to share in the next day or so
but we are off to the Basketball so I need to go and feed the kids a big breakfast.

Have a fantastic day and remember to enjoy whatever it is that you are doing.



  1. Lucky you getting to go to AQC. Lovely to see you picked Jane Rundles quilt as one of you favorites. I know Jane she is a very talented quilter

  2. so glad you and Miss Lily had a great time.Such beautiful quilts Sharon.xx

  3. Thanks for sharing the pictures.... more prompting for the NYB for me -

  4. I love it when it's quilt exhibition time! Yeaahhhh! :)


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