Thursday 12 April 2012

Visiting the Farm

Farmers Wife Sampler Quilt

I went and visited my Farmer yesterday. 
We have had a bit of a break and I am trying to rekindle the romance.
I am not doing so well as our relationship is a little strained to say the least.

I made three blocks.
One went straight into the bin.
Here are the other two.

No. 60 Noon & Light

No. 57 Morning
That takes my up to 61 blocks made
with 50 still to go if I am going to stick with making a Queen Sized Quilt.

Have a great day.



  1. i cant wait to start mine,your blocks are looking great Sharon,well done.xx

  2. These blocks are great Sharon!!! I love the country colours in these!!!

  3. They look great and I love the colours... so rich and scrumptious.... so you are well over the half way mark....

  4. Gorgeous blocks. Keep plugging away at them as it will be gorgeous when finished and so worth the effort. It doesn't matter if it takes another 12 months to get there and sometimes a timeline just isn't helpful either and that is why I haven't joined any groups to do mine. You have inspired me to start one. I've done five blocks yesterday and am cutting out and stacking another 5 as I type. I plan on a FNSI tomorrow as next Friday will not suit at all LOL. Now hows that for changing the rules to suit.

  5. Well done working on something that is obviously not filling you with loads of enthusiasm!

  6. Well done - those blocks are great! I love the colours!

  7. I think you are marvellous ,I keep getting the book out,having a look and then put it away again.
    But it's onmy bucket list so perhaps one day.
    All your blocks look so

  8. Your blocks are beautiful, it does get a bit hard keeping up with everything doesn't it!!


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