Tuesday 28 February 2012

Monday's Making

How was your Monday?

Mine was like this

Very Wet!
So much so that our back room became inundated with water.
Firstly on Sunday night .. around 10pm, then around 8am yesterday and again at 4pm.
So lots of mopping and cleaning that comes with water being inside.
Plumber arrived just after 5pm yesterday so hopefully the problem is fixed ... fingers crossed.

On a brighter note though :)

I grabbed this out yesterday

This is going to be for my Mum for Mothers Day.

I had to leave out all the light charm squares as the pattern got lost
and by 1am this morning I had a completed top!
Here it is this morning :)

I am pleased with how it has turned out.
Not my colours but they will suit my mum :o)

Finished size ended up at 47" Square.

Now when Miss Lily wakes up (she is having a bit of a sleep in as it's already 8.30am) I will hang it in her wardrobe (the only one with room) so when the desire to finish it off and quilt it hits, it is ready to go.

So how is your Tuesday looking?

On the weather front mine isn't looking to crash hot but hopefully I wont be on the end of a mop today!

Have a great one,
hugs, Sharon


  1. Lovely quilt top.... I can't believe you keep those hours and still see straight.... hope the rain gives you a break... mopping is not much fun!

  2. I love it...a modern pattern with a bit of traditional! I am sure she will love it!

  3. I love it...a modern pattern with a bit of traditional! I am sure she will love it!

  4. love your quilt...very pretty blue...hope the rain improves!

  5. Gorgeous quilt top, funny though... those colours are so my mums taste so if your mum doesn't like just post it this way.Hee Hee! Weather wise we are copping the same down here, no flooding in side though. I hope that your problem is well and truly fixed.

    1. You are wonder woman Sharon,it fantastic your mum will love it,well done.xx

  6. wow! absolutely love it, the fabrics are gorgeous. I am quite partial to blues.
    We have been enjoying the wetness too!

  7. Mum has this range of fabric too so I will have to share a pic of what you have made for your lovely Mum. Hope you dont get any more water in your house. So many are experiencing flooding and it is so sad. We have been there and done that January last year.

  8. Fingers crossed for NO MORE RAIN! Love the quilt for your Mum. She will too I'm sure! :)

  9. The quilt is beautiful Sharon, you have done a fantastic job, I'm sure your mum will love it!

  10. I think I have created a monster. Sent pic of crumbcake quilt to mum and now she wants to know what size block you used and where abouts and what the background fabric is called.....lol

  11. You're amazing !!! Quilts made at the speed of light !!!
    Your Mum will love it !!


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