Monday 27 February 2012

"Little Apples" met "Sherbet Pips"

Do you remember this Quilt top?

"Sherbet Pips meets Little Apples"

I made is back In November last year, you can see the post here.
I ironed my quilt tops when I was doing my Swoon quilt (more on this one soon, I promise) and hung them up in a wardrobe, which has proven to be a great idea as I now see them every day and thus, the desire to finish them off strikes.

Here it is now

I took myself way out of my comfort zone with the quilting and actually attempted a large Stipple / meander on it.  I have only done this on little samples as part of the FMQ Challenge so moving to a larger object was a bold move! It is by no way perfect, the stitches are different lengths and there might be a couple of spots where I crossed over the thread but overall I am happy.

It is nice to have another finish with another top becoming a quilt for my family to use.

~ Quilt Stats ~
Finished Size - 54" Square
Fabric - Sherbet Pips and Little Apples by Aneela Hoey

Miss Lily and I might just have to go for a picnic lunch to give this one a test :o)
(not today though as after a sweltering weekend it is now raining)

Thank you for stopping by,
hugs Sharon


  1. It's lovely Sharon... I am always amazed at how different it looks from a flimsy to a quilt.... well done with the stippling meander.. and no one ever notices where it 'crosses over'...

  2. What a cute quilt, Sharon!! I love it. Way to go being brave and FMQ'ing on it, too. Can't wait to hear more about your Swoon. :o)

  3. Congrats on the looks beautiful. The only way to get better at you FMQ is one will notice any tiny mistakes but you.

  4. Its beautiful Sharon,love the fabrics,well done.xx

  5. Congratulations to you on stepping out side of your comfort zone. Your little quilt looks divine, you should be very pleased.

  6. What a pretty quilt. Have fun on that picnic.

  7. Very nice!!! The fabrics are gorgeous, and you've done great FMQing!! Congratulations on this finish!!!

  8. Hello Sharon, I love this one. Good on you for having a go at quilting it yourself. I was daunted having my first try and it's by no means accurate, but I enjoyed the challenge.
    I sent you an email last week, not sure if it went through!
    Got to love that Little Apples... I've put a little in my FW blocks. Congratulations on your blue ribbon!


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