Wednesday 18 January 2012

Are you ready?

The first FNSI for this year is this week,
Friday 20th to be exact and is hosted by Heidi and Bobbi....
What will you be sewing?
I am looking forward to blog hopping over the weekend and admiring all the creativity that is in Blogland :o)
What will I be doing?
 Pick a Box - Any box!
My current WIP pile.

~From Top to bottom ~

Can you also see the pretty green fabric on top?
We went to Spotlight on the weekend and Miss Lily picked that fabric for a new dress.
Farmer's Wife
It is on a break until the QAL starts back in Feb so no rush on that one
In My Garden
Nope, not ready to get back to it just yet, still scared of the little pieces!
SKOW - My Favorite Things
Tempting, very tempting :)
The Australian Open Tennis started this week so if there is a good game of Tennis on, then this will be the one
Oh My Stars QAL
I have had a weeks break from this one and am looking forward to going again.
Once Upon a Time
Hmmm........ tempting
or I could keep on Swooning.
I have no set plans just yet.
Happy sewing, Sharon


  1. Lots of awesome projects... I love your boxes...

  2. I plan to start Melody's penny rug from House on the Side of the Hill. I received A big bag of felt from Fiona no excuses.
    I closed my eyes and went round and round and pick the Vignette for you to work on LOL

  3. I love your boxes too. Do you limited yourself as to how many boxes you have at any given time?

  4. So organised... good for you. I'll be there and working on another BOL. See you Saturday! :)

  5. Wow!! I am in the middle of trying to sort out and organise all my projects, lol!! Gotta - keeping them in the massive piles on the top of my table is just not working ... plus I need to store some of my scrapbooking stuff (the stuff I am not likely to use in the near future, but still going to use later) so I can use some of the space on that modular bookshelf ... so I have more room on my tables for actual real work, lol!! ... I'll be FNSI-ing ... just gotta work out what ... probably my SKoW as I haven't done much on that, and still have to do Dec & Jan's obligations!!

  6. Love the boxes - you are so organised! You've got lots of great projects there:)

  7. I'd love to join inon the FNSI's how do I join up please

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  9. Hi Sharon Can you tell us where you got the boxes them!

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