Thursday 19 January 2012

Swooning Closer

.... to a finish


I had a bit of a productive day with four more blocks finished

On my first few blocks, I cut and worked on them one by one but, for these last four I cut them all out and chain pieced. For some time I felt like I was getting no where but then at the end they all came together quickly.

Now for a closer look ....

Print paired with Kona Cotton - "School Bus"

Print paired with Kona Cotton - "Dark Violet"

Print paired with Free Spirit Designer Solid "Red Plum"

Print paired with Moda Bella Solids "Etchings Slate"

Now for the next bit .......

Settling on a layout

I have some quilting ideas running though my head also so hopefully more on that soon.

Happy sewing, Sharon


  1. I love them all, but especially the one with the light pink print - I can't believe how quickly you've got them all finished - I look forward to seeing your quilting ideas.

  2. they look great together.....

  3. You have done a marvellous job on all the blocks. They are stunning and it will be a very striking quilt when you have finished.

  4. You are really making me want to do one!

  5. These look fab! I love the colours you've chosen :)

  6. Awesome blocks! I'm about to cave on this quilt along.

  7. Still swooning I see...4 blocks WOW

  8. Oh Sharon... you should be soooo happy with swooning. The blocks look GrEaT!

  9. I bought this pattern a while ago and after seeing your blocks I think I'll have to dig it out and join in the swoon-a-long.
    PS Of course you can use an image from my blog.

  10. They're all gorgeous but I love the green/purple block and the orange block. You've really whizzed through these...I'm still looking forward to making the first one, still plodding along on some WIPs!

  11. Wow! You've done these SO quickly!!! You're amazing Sharon!!! They look gorgeous together ... I can't wait to see how you quilt this!!

  12. Sharon, your Swoon blocks look really amazing, and so precise!!


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