Friday 20 January 2012

Arriving by mail and an empty Design Wall?

These arrived in the mail yesterday

from  FIONA 
She has been super busy recycling old blankets and clothing
so we did a swap (as did some others).

I jumped at this opportunity as I have been thinking about taking part in Melody's
free Penny Rug BOM that has just started and I love the idea of using recycled fabric.

Melody's BOM

Fantastic timing Fiona and a HUGE THANK YOU.
Such a lovely variety of colors to start me off.

Here is a look at the first part.
This image above has been borrow from Melody's Blog

I am looking forward to gathering up some more supplies and starting this one in the future.

Now, an empty Design Wall?

My loving family keep asking me if I am feeling OK
Guess they are just not used to it being completely empty!
I have assured them that it wont be for long.
Just let me finish sewing my Swoon Blocks
and then I am sure something will make its way back up there :)

Don't forget it is FNSI tonight. I look forward to stitching or sewing with you.

hugs, Sharon


  1. The swoon blocks are amazing! I also like the look of the penny rug BOM too. Do I really need to add another project? Its definately a possibility LOL. Happy stitching tonight!

  2. Don't ya just LoVe being excited about starting something new after a finish! :)


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