Saturday 12 November 2011

Mini Quilt Challenge

Today I am linking up with the Mini Quilt Challenge.
I only saw this whilst browsing some Blogs on Friday morning (yesterday) so my version of a Mini Quilt is not very adventurous but it is still a mini quit.
I know that the term "Mini Quilt" can be subjective but as a basic guideline, if it is small and quilted it qualifies for this challenge.
So in the spirit of things, here is my Mini Quilt made especially for this Challenge.

Look a little familiar?
I had three blocks left over from my "Little Apples met Sherbet Pips" Quilt top so I thought them perfect for this.

Perfect for the corner space above my Computer in my "Creative Space"

 I am beginning to think that there might be some more Mini Quilts in the future to brighten this area up.

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Thank you for stopping by and enjoy your creativity,


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