Sunday 28 August 2011

Nearing completion ..... and more ......

Scandinavian Christmas

As of 1pm today my Scandinavian Christmas looks like this ....

I need to hand stitch all those hearts so not quite a completed top yet, but hopefully not to far away.

The buttons that I ordered for the blank blocks arrived on Friday. What do you think?

Snowflakes .... only pinned in place!

I only ordered One of these Hearts and I think I
like them so I must order a couple more to fill the blanks
on the outside border :o)

Also arriving in Fridays mail were these .......

Adding to my GO! Baby Die Collection

A while ago I also joined in this ......

I am slowing tackling the task of making the Yo-yo's and can report that I am up to 235 yo-yo's which is 23% made so a few more to go but I am slowly getting there.  Here is what 235 Yo-yo's look like!!!!

This container is about 11" x 8" x 6"

I don't "Do" scrappy very well as I like to be a "little" more controlled but I am doing my best and have only used scraps so I have no idea how this is going to work out!  Wish me luck :o) lol

Sorry, no Blog post on the Farmer this week :(  I do have two blocks cut out but that is as far as they got. Blame my Vignette quilt ....... It now looks like this and I have more of the outside blocks cut ready to be sewn :o)

I am enjoying working with the bright colors at the moment as opposed to the darker colors of my Farmers Quilt .... I am blaming the great weather that we are having here at the moment and it's still Winter :o)

Enjoy your Sunday stitching,


  1. Oh my get so much done Sharon and such lovely projects. I love your Scandivanian Christmas and the heart buttons look superb! Wow...lots and lots of yo-yos :) Hugs Vicki x

  2. Look at that beautiful quilt, well done, love the yoyo's too, keep going you'll be there soon!


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