Tuesday 12 September 2017

Bjorn Bears - A new Quilt for Lily is in the making. {Giveaway Winner Announced}

My little girl, Lily, absolutely LOVES hand made.
She always wants the newest quilt in the house on her bed and that is usually where they end up.
I have done some research into the archives and the last new quilt that Lily had made for her was Lollies, pictured here.

And as a total coincidence, this finish was blogged two years ago TODAY!

Lily has been patiently waiting for my Tenderness quilt to go on her bed but with it off on another little holiday, this time to New Zealand that is just not going to happen for a while yet.  

I had started to make her, her own version. She has picked all the fabrics for the flowers etc, I just don't have the time or speed at the moment to stitch it for her so we have started another quilt, machine pieced, just for her and her bed.

We are making "Bjorn Bears" by Elizabeth Hartman.
A fun quilt made with rainbow solids. I had purchased this one as a kit but swapped out the background fabric for a Sparkle Essex Linen.

I started by chain piecing all the the muzzles and truth be known, I had made the weeks ago but they became lost, or just covered in other projects on my cutting table but we are back at it now. 

Then when it came to piecing the faces I made a "Design Error". Well that is what I am calling it.
The 'happy' bear on the left is my version and the one on the right is how the pattern is written.
I wasn't too sure if my OCD could handle have my version in the quilt so I pondered a remake.
When posting my 'whoops' to Instagram many said that they liked my 'happy' version and as it happens so does Lily. She actually prefers the 'happy' version and has asked for more of those to be in her quilt. So we are going to have a mix.

I love it when a quilt takes you on its own little journey.
I am also changing out the solids on the ears for Liberty fabrics to soften the quilt and to give it a little more of girly feel. You can also see the Sparkle Essex Linen here. It has a gold fleck through it.

It turns out that photographing 5 Bjorn Bears once pinned to my design wall is a little hard but here they are.

And No. 6, another 'happy' bear was made this afternoon.

I am hoping that I can do a couple a day until all 25 Bjorn Bears are made.
I will pop back and share my progress next week.

Before I go, one last thing. 
The Giveaway Winner of a copy of my new pattern "Gone Crazy" and the bundle of Kona Solids was Susan T.
Susan has been contacted by email and her prize is being posted to her this week.
Congratulations Susan.

Happy Stitching,
Sharon x


  1. Love your version of the bears, who doesn't want a smiling bear with flowers in her ears!

  2. ooo - Their floral ears are just so cute! You really have to love the animal patterns she has out. I'm looking forward to quilting up my Fancy Forest sometime soon.

  3. These look amazing - and I just adore the addition of the Liberty ears


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