Tuesday 5 September 2017

Celestial Star meets Inklingo - For the Hand Piecers

Celestial Star meets Inklingo

I am so excited to share that the cover quilt 
"Celestial Star" 

from my new book
"Quilting on the Go ..... English Paper Piecing"
is now available at Inklingo.

When Linda from Inklingo first contacted me about the requests she had received and the possibility of having Celestial Star made available I was so honoured that so many hand piecers had shown interest in my pattern.  

I have to confess that I have not used Inklingo. I love my English Paper Piecing. 
But I have been told by many hand piecers that Inkingo is a great tool for those that like to Hand Piece. The Inklingo files allow you to print your hand stitching and cutting lines directly onto your fabric with your Inkjet Printer, at home, for hand or machine piecing. 

As an English Paper Piecer I would buy a pattern, or in this case the book and then grab the papers. In this case you buy the Book and then the Inklingo files.

There are three options to choose from. 
First is available at 100%, which is the size of the original.

Next is the scaled down version. We all know that sometimes it is fun to play in a smaller scale.
So the next version is at 75%

Last but not least is for those that like things a little bigger and this version has been scaled up to 125%
 Regardless of which version you decide to go with you will still need the book,
"Quilting on the Go ... English Paper Piecing" for the pattern.

I am looking forward to seeing more Celestial Star Quilts coming to life.
If you are looking for more information on Inklingo, follow any of the links above and you will see that there is more information and videos on how Inklingo works.


  1. Your quilt is beautiful! Thank you so much for letting Linda work with you so we can make it with Inklingo. I am a hand piecer and your quilt is just my style.

    Thanks again,
    Kathy (now in Guanajuato City, Mexico)

  2. I've added the book to my wishlist (I bet it's a short visit from there to the cart!) and have signed up for the newsletter. I love hand-piecing. The only EPP I've done so far are hexagons (addictive!), but I would love to get the book and then mosey on over to Inklingo (which I've newly discovered) to buy some shapes. Inklingo looks so fun and like a fantastic time and fabric saver. How wonderful it would be to tackle "Celestial Stars" with my new introduction to both you and Linda and Monkey. Would love to win that Kona fabric as part of a kick-start to new methods. Good luck, all!!


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