Tuesday 18 July 2017

Time to share some amazing creations ......

Things are starting to heat up now as we are getting into full swing for the Book Tour of my new book,
"Quilting on the Go .... English Paper Piecing"

Time again to share with you some of the amazing creations that have and are coming to life :)

Elise at Elise and Melie has been super busy. 

Elise has made both the Clam Shell Dilly Bag and the Zipper Pouch.

And .......

She has started her very own 'Celestial Star" and a super cute version of the "Be My Bunny Baby Quilt."  Both of these projects have papers kits available for them. They can be purchased from Paper Pieces in the US or local at your favourite Quilt Shop.

 The lovely Jennie from Clover and Violet  has made this adorable placement.

and has plans to make more. How cute are those strawberries.

Ange from A Little Patchwork 
has taken one of the blocks for the "Summer Star Table Runner" 
and turned it into a cute Mini.

Please visit the lovely blogs of the makers participating in the Book Tour. They all create so many amazing, inspiring and beautiful things.

Just incase you don't have access to or use Instagram here are a few more inspiring photos and a glimpse of what is to come.

Wynn is totally new to English Paper Piecing and appears to be enjoying it. Maybe I should say "Welcome to your newest addiction Wynn."  :)


Here's a reminder of who is still to come on the Book tour

Tue, July 18
Heidi Grohs@buttonsandbutterflieswww.buttonsandbutterflies.com
Wed, July 19Carlie Lincoln@quilty_carliewww.instagram.com/quilty_carlie/
Thu, July 20Jess Finn (Paper Pieces)@paperpieceseppwww.paperpieces.com
Fri, July 21Alison von Bibra@cotton_factorywww.cottonfactory.wordpress.com
Sat, July 22Anorina Morris@SameliasMumwww.sameliasmum.com
Sun, July 23Kristyne Czepuryk@prettybyhandprettybyhand.com
Mon, July 24Sharon Weekly round up@lilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com
Tue, July 25Amy Smart@diaryofaquilter.comwww.diaryofaquilter.com
Wed, July 26Nadra Ridgeway@ellisandhiggs.comwww.ellisandhiggs.com
Thu, July 27Lauren Wright@mollyandmamawww.mollyandmama.com.au
Fri, July 28Giuseppe Ribaudo@giucy_giucewww.instagram.com/giucy_giuce/
Sat, July 29Jodi Godfrey@talesofclothwww.talesofcloth.com
Mon, July 31Sharon Weekly round up@lilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com
Tue, August 1Amira Ameruddin@amira_littlemushroomcapthelittlemushroomcap.com
Wed, August 2Melody Daly@melodymatildathehouseonthesideofthehill.blogspot.com.au/
Thu, August 3Sedef Imer@downgrapevinelanewww.downgrapevinelane.com
Fri, August 4Martina Bahre@avaaandnevewww.avaandneve.com.au/blog/
Sat, August 5Samantha Green@fortheloveoffabricwww.fortheloveoffabric.net
Sun, August 6Alisha Orlando@ministryoffabricwww.ministryoffabric.com.au
Mon, August 7Sharon Weekly round up@lilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com
Tue, August 8Minki Kim@zerianominkikim.com
Wed, August 9Carlie Lincoln@quilty_carliewww.instagram.com/quilty_carlie/
Thu, August 10Alex Luenz@ALEXOUQwww.instagram.com/alexouq/
Fri, August 11Mathew Boudreaux@MisterDomesticwww.MisterDomestic.net
Sat, August 12Anna Cromie@spanzywww.instagram.com/spanzy/
Sun, August 13Elise Baek@eliseandemeliewww.eliseandemelie.com
Mon, August 14Wynn Tan@zakkaArtwww.zakkaArt.blogspot.com
Tue, August 15Sharon Burgess - final wrap up@ilabellelaneblog.lilabellelanecreations.com


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Happy Stitching,


  1. looks so fun!! I'm currently working on a project by Sue Daley and love it, and am so interested in seeing what you have come up with. I had always thought the EPP was just for hexagons, but I'm seeing that it has a world of possibilities!! I'm loving what I've been seeing on your posts!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg

  2. All so beautiful! I'm enjoying following along! I'm a long time quilter but have been bitten by the EPP bug. With two small boys, it's hard to be behind a sewing machine and with EPP I can "supervise" while I create! I'm having a hard time deciding which pattern to start with.

  3. These really are inspiring! Each one is so different, but they are all beautiful.

  4. I like the idea of doing something besides hexies, would like to make some of the patterns in your book!

  5. Love this patterns. I'm stuck on hexies at the moment... Following the blog tour is a lot of fun!

  6. Love the cute clam shell Dilly bag!

  7. I have just joined the blog tour and am happily looking around some wonderful ideas on great blogs. x

  8. Beautiful projects by everyone. Quite the variety of fabrics and ideas. Thanks for sharing the instagram photos too. K- lkw2x6-apq@yahoo.com

  9. These are so wonderful projects and look so amazing and all the different fabric choices! Congratulations to such a great book!

  10. So many awesome pieces! I especially like the Be My Bunny Baby Quilt with the Pixie Noel blocks.

  11. looks like a really good book!

  12. So many wonderful projects! Where would I start... Enjoying learning of new to me blogs!


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