Monday 1 August 2016

Progress on the Octagons

"All Over the Octagon"

This is a slow brewing project which is totally fine with me as I like to flick from one project to another as my mood dictates :)

My Octagons have recently returned home from a little trip to Quilt Market in the US, Perth and then new Zealand.  Whilst they were away I kept adding to the family.  So far I have 40 Octagons so its slowly growing.  I just need to find some more time to sit and join them all together.

Someone please tell me that I am not alone in having many hand piecing project to flick between depending on my mood :)

Happy Stitching,

Sharon x

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  1. You are not alone!!! I have a number of hand stitching projects on the go at one time and, like you, pick up the one that I'm in the mood for (same goes for my machine stitching projects). Your hexagons are great - love how they are going together and the intricate sashing between them.


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