Thursday 15 January 2015


It's the 15th January and that means that the first block for the
"Snapshots Quilt" was released today.

I have order a kit from the Fat Quarter Shop but they don't ship until the yardage of Daysail is released next month so off to raid my Bonnie and Camille scraps it was.

Not to sure how I have survived so long without these mini design boards.
They make piecing and breeze.

 Ta-da Block one is done.

The block instructions can be found HERE.

until next time,
hugs Sharon


  1. Looks amazing. Loving yoUr mini design walls such a great idea.

  2. I hope to start my block tonight! Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Well done. Good to see you using the mini boards

  4. Your block looks great! I'm still not sure whether I should commit to Snapshots, but I absolutely love the quilt so will probably do some of the blocks at the very least. Your mini design walls are wonderful. I think I need one!


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