Wednesday 21 January 2015

My Hedgehog Family

Over the weekend I made 6 more Hazel Hedgehogs

Still using up some of my Tula Pink Stash

My cute little family now looked like this so I decided it was time to turn these into 
what I had in my head.

Meet my happy Hedgehog family.
I had always planned to do a random design and I also continued with the scrappy low volume background.

I don't think that I have finished with these guys yet though.

Until next time, hugs Sharon


  1. Oh my, they are so cute! Love them!

  2. this is so adorable Sharon -- can't wait to see what else your up to

  3. So cute! I do like the background too.

  4. they really are adorable...

  5. Your Hazel's are beautiful! I love the random design and the love volume background.


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