Sunday 22 September 2013

Millrose Get together and a third Red Door?

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day at Millrose in Ballan 

with a wonderful group of very talented ladies.

A day full of fun, friends a lot of laughter and true to form not a lot of stitching (well for me!)
Here it the proof that I did set up for the day.

and here is a pic of the same project this morning.
As you can, only a little progress was made :o)

Our swap theme this time around was Michelle Ridgway Designs.

Shez has already done a post of everyone opening their swap gifts so if you would like to see visit HERE
and whilst I am mentioning Shez :o)  Shez and I share the same "feelings" over Mug Rugs!
The very funny "Gisborne Girls" gave Shez a surprise Birthday gift a lunch :o)

Trying to get her to "rethink" or "overcome" her dislike of them they presented her with some Mug Rugs and a Mug Rug Book.  All very funny but I still don't think Shez has changed her opinions on them! lol

Now to the third Red Door.
We were very lucky to be given a look at the house next door which is being done up as a Retreat House.
It is beautiful inside. The finishes are amasing, the touches and attention to detail already are perfect.
The lighting and the huge windows. In a word PERFECT.

Here is a little glimpse.

I cant wait until it's finished and we all book our first "Stitching Retreat".
Just imagine, a lovely restaurant, right next door is Millrose Cottage and then next door is the Retreat House.
Perfect combination. LOVE

My Retail Therapy :o)

Some Tilda Fabrics for my version of the "Aspen Glow" Pattern I showed last week.

A new pattern, "Message in a Bottle" by Focus on Quilts
This Quilt was on display at the last get together and I loved it. 
Now I can start stashing some fabrics for it.

message in a bottle quilt by irene blanck

Whilst standing there chatting away this quilt caught my eye even though it was folded over a chair.
"Oh la la" by Wattlebird Designs

I have been keeping my eyes open for a Paris inspired quilt for Keegan's room so snapped some photos to show Keegan  .....  she loves it.  Mind you she is not thrilled with these colours of the original but does have a great idea for her version.  Now to find the pattern.
Anyone have one that they want to sell cheap?  :o)

So another fantastic Millrose Bloggers Meet.
Thank you ladies.

hugs Sharon


  1. it was so good catching up with you again my lovely friend and arent those Gisborne girls scally wags,i laughed so much that i got a sore stomach,lol,what an awesome time we all had,till next time buddy.xx

  2. Great day Sharon, and lovely to catch up with everyone. Look forward to the next one

  3. Glad you all had a good time.

  4. Another fantastic day marked off the calendar, I can't wait for the next one.

  5. I've always known I lived in the wrong state - how perfect a combination could you get - a shop - an eating place and a sewing retreat...wonderful...almost sounds like an Elm Creek novel.

  6. Pleased you had the best time.. Now cool to be able to do a stitching retreat with these fab ladies...

  7. Forget the retreat, I think you should move into that house!

  8. Such a great day.... I love that house and the perfect view....

  9. looks like a great place to have a retreat with great friends.
    love the message in the bottle quilt.

  10. Another wonderful day spent together. Looking forward to seeing your Message in a Bottle quilt one day.

  11. Loved seeing your photos...such a wonderful place. Glad you all had such a fun day xx

  12. Great post Sharon. So funny about Shez! Would live to join you or a stitching retreat there. Looks wonderful. As for that last quilt - did you have to - again? On the French theme - have you seen orange Daisy's French collection stitcheries which can be made into a quilt? I have made one of the stitcheries into a couple of cushions

  13. Looks like a wonderful day and all the swap gifts look amazing!

  14. some great time spent with your friends, love the two quilts, the French one has some lovely blocks in it, will have to save this picture to my computer for another look.

  15. How absolutely wonderful Sharon......looks like a great weekend.....and SOME stitching was done.......I can honestly say I understand!!!!!!! LOL What a beautiful setting and such temptation!
    xox sugary hugs :O)

  16. I have been eyeing of that Oh La La quilt too some time ago and forgot all about it until I read your post. But sorry dont have the pattern to sell :(.


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