Saturday 7 September 2013

Friday Sewing - FNWF

I started earlier in the day by finish cleaning up the mess I made Thursday by rearranging my fabric
cupboard that was getting just a little out of control and could not fit these lovely purchases in :o)

First one is a FQ Bundle of "Florence" by Denyse Schmidt
Then a bundle of Sun Print Arrows and I can't believe it has taken me so long to get this one
but a bundle of Happy Go Lucky by Bonnie and Camille :o) 

(It's been a REALLY good mail week )

So now all my patterns etc live in the Linen press in the laundry and my fabric plays happy here.

Getting a little side tracked here but with Bonnie and Camilles newest line "Scrumptious" about to hit the shops I've also made room for that FQ Bundle to fit when it arrives.  Also, have you seen the new line due for release in six months?  April Showers.  I am not totally sold on it yet but am loving some of the floral prints.  I had similar feelings over Happy Go Lucky, maybe its the addition of the navy again?  Me knowing me, I'll be adding a bundle to my little collection :o)

Back to FNWF :o)
I made a skirt for my cutting table.  Looks much better if you ask me as it hides all my crap stuff.

Then it was time to go out and watch on nail biting game of Basketball.
Aiden's team was playing in the Preliminary Final last night and they took it into Overtime.
I'm super excited to say they did it and next Friday night it's Grand Final time :o)

When we were back home and all settled in for the evening I started stitching my third one of these.
This time for me :o)  It is Gail Pans "Stitching Makes my Heart Happy" pattern which is a folder to keep Cottage Garden Threads in.  You can see mine patiently waiting to the right :o)

Enjoy your Saturday.
Hugs Sharon


  1. Congratulations to Aiden and good luck for next week. The skirt looks great around your cutting table. It's not crap you're hiding, it's much needed items! Have a great weekend Sharon. xx

  2. I love the way you've set your goods up, it
    looks very inviting, though I wouldn't leave
    my friends anywhere near it alone!!! lol.
    Cheers, Anita.

  3. Sew many yummy fabrics in your sewing room Sharon.. I agree with Christine., we have CRAP . Just good things...
    Good luck Aiden next week.

  4. Love your fabric stash Sharon. Will have to have a look at the B & C range. I must admit I wasn't sure about the navy but now I like it. Congratulations to your son. Good Luck to his team for the final. Hugs.....

  5. Unfortunately yr first three photos didn't come through but the rest did. Well done Aiden! I adore the new line of B and c. And I think I live it so much because of the navy. Hehehe. The needle case is gorgeous and perfect. Might need to look at getting that pattern. Have a lovely weekend.

  6. Yum to that fabric....great shirt, massive congrats to Aiden....gorgeous projects..

  7. your fabric looks so wonderful and having it in the cupboard so you just open the doors and drool! Mine is in boxes and of course I never go to the box i want but have 4 boxes and it is usually the last box that I find what i want so think the time has come to have some shelves or bookcase to put it all on. Cutting table looks good with some lovely work on display on the wall

  8. Love how you have stored all your fabric Sharon looks very inviting!!
    Well done to Aiden and best of luck for the Grand Final!!
    Love the stitchery you have done.

  9. Your fabric cupboard looks much order! Good luck in the basketball.

  10. Very envious of your fabric cupboard (like Margaret mine's in boxes)- I may have to drop a few hints. The stitchery looks awesome too. Good luck to Aiden for the Grand Final.

  11. Pea green with envy looking at your fabric collection!

  12. Oh my goodness. So much fabric loveliness in your stash. Like you, I'm not sure what I think about April Showers either. I do love Scrumptious though. Happy sewing x

  13. Wow all that gorgeous fabric.I don't carry huge amounts of fabric so I'm very envious of yours.Love the needle case,very into stitching at the mo.xx

  14. All that's fabric, sooo neat and tidy!!!!

  15. Everything looks so organised & pretty! Great purchases. I am making room for Scrumptious, thinking of making the bed legs much longer or maybe swapping the queen for a single - somehow I will fit it in! The GP stitchery looks great, wish my Cottage Garden Threads collection needed a holder! xx

  16. Great organisation....lovely to see your creative area!

  17. well done to Aiden and his team... such lovely fabrics to play with... I was drooling here!

  18. OOOh..fabric have some lovely pieces there..a great bit of organising with the cabinet..

  19. What a great sewing area you have Sharon... and now you are just that little tiny bit more organised, with the completion of the gorgeous Gail thread holder... a very pretty home for your threads! x

  20. So much loveliness....I wold never say crap, for I'm sure that everything is very useful, handy or just down right pretty.


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