Tuesday 30 April 2013

Slow and Steady

Girls Day Out

That is exactly how this project is going... Slow and Steady

I stalled on Blocks two and Three.
So I picked them back up at the weekend by taking them to
Declyn's football game Sunday morning.

Yes I get weird looks but they don't bother me anymore!

So much hand stitching on blocks 2 and 3 and really poor light in our
house at night for hand stitching, I was ready to give up but look what
arrived yesterday ..... an early Mother's Day Present.

There really is no stopping me now.
Blocks 2 and 3 are finished 

and I have even finished the 4 stitcheries for the Table Topper in Gail Pans new book.
Just need to go and Visit my LQS for some fabric ;)

 And if anyone is interested in a Lamp if their own
  HERE is where mine came from and they are still on 
special which is a huge discount from the RRP!

Have a great day,
I've got another date with the washing machine,
one of the downfalls of a family of 6 :o)

hugs, Sharon


  1. Beautiful stitching Sharon....I'm off to check out lamps.

  2. Lovely Gail Pan stitcheries, Sharon. Hugs......

  3. Oh you'll be finished in no time now!!! lol :)

  4. boy Shaz you were right gee look how much you got done,this lamp will be your newest best friend.xx

  5. your stitcheries are lovely.... the lamp makes a huge difference doesn't it....

  6. Don't worry Sharon - took me forever to do these two blocks also. I got an ott lite for xmas - and wonder how I lived without it - they're great. Lots of lovely projects in Gail's book - will work my way through too

  7. Love the stitching so far, beautiful blocks. I usually have a small stitching project in my bag and it is a wonderful conversation starter when you're out and about.

  8. The stitching look great. You are like me - stitch anywhere and without a care in the world. Thanks for the heads up about the lamp - I've been looking at the one in Spotlight for ages, trying to justify the price...now if I can find one on sale, well that is very justifiable, right?

  9. Gorgeous stitching and well done on the new light. My mother has the one with the long light in it and loves it.


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