Wednesday 1 May 2013

Forgetting Something?

I have had this nagging feeling for the last 24 hours or so that I had
forgotten something but just could not put my finger on it.
So I've got up this morning, done the normal routine.
Come home from doing the school run, made a cup of tea
sat here reading some blogs, signed up for Cheryll's new Christmas Swap :o)
 then went to clean up the breakfast mess when it hit me.

Library Bag for Kinder
Oh Crap!  Kinder is just after lunch :(

I am so pleased that I didn't just go and put Lily in the car and go buy one
because look at this ........... priceless

This girl melts my heart.

I dived head first into a UFO Box and decided to re-purpose a quilt block.
The 3 Little Pigs :o)

In just over an hour Lily now has a fully lined Library Bag
to take with her to kinder.  I even got my Machine to embroider
her name on it (bottom right hand cnr on the green border)

I must love this kid as she even has some Bliss fabric on the back :o)

Better get moving as that's one Bag and one blog post down and I now
need to feed my Princess Lunch and actually get her to Kinder on time :o)

Hugs Sharon

P.S.  Don't forget to go and visit Cheryll, and take a
look at her new Christmas Swap


  1. No wonder you adore her. She is the cutest little poppet on earth. And now she has the best ever kinder bag.

  2. love Mel's comment,that smile would melt anyones heart.
    Love Miss Lil's new kinder bag and your block looks fantastic on the front,enjoy your kinder with your new bag today Miss Lil,take care kiddo.xx

  3. Well that's what MoTHerS DO! Kids owe us BIG time on Mothers day don't with lots of hugs and kisses! Makes it ALL worth it!
    Great bag by the way! :)

  4. Lily's bag is just gorgeous Sharon. I bet she thinks you are Super Mum!

  5. So sweet.....I love it and I think she does too! Yes I do!

  6. The library bag is so sweet. Some times things made in a hurry turn out better because you don't keep changing your mind. Lily looks like she loves it.

  7. Sharon your bag is lovely and the grin on Lily's face is just fantastic.....
    A special individual bag is the best....

  8. No store bought library bag for Miss're such a good Mum.

  9. Well done to find and make the bag so quickly. Now I know there is a purpose to all those lonely blocks sitting around!

  10. Can't stop smiling at the photo of Lilly with her new bag... priceless! The bag is almost as big as her... so cute. Well done you for stepping up to the plate at the 11th hour and putting that big smile on her little face. Gorgeous bag by the way.

  11. what a lucky girl!! so loving the library bag. Bet it is the swishest library bag in the whole class.
    looks like it is appreciated too!

  12. Lucky you had that lovely block finished. Such a wonderful photo of Lily with her gorgeous bag and yes they are much better than bought ones like everyone else lol. My two were always spoilt with something pretty too.

  13. Oh how gorgeous - lucky you had 'planned' it all out in advance, nice save. Think you have just earned your Mother's Day.

  14. You are a whizz Sharon to whip up that beautiful library bag in an hour

  15. Oh my goodness - you are amazing!! Lily's bag is beautiful (I wish I had such lovely blocks in my UFO box!).

  16. Oh so cute! Great use of a quilt block :)

  17. That gorgeous smile would melt any ones heart... Just soooo cute.. No wonder you are pleased you decided to make her that lovely unique library bag..

  18. Lily's bag is gorgeous,you might have a job on your hands all the other kids will want one.xx

  19. Very well done !!

  20. I think it is a little obvious that beautiful Lily is very much cherished & worthy of bliss fabric. I bet she has the best library bag at kinder by far. xx


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