Sunday 28 April 2013

New Bag - SKOW

The May project for the On line Stitch-along is the bag from the
Annie Downs book Some Kind of Wonderful.

I wanted to make it the same as the book but I am trying to use what I have
and the only Linen I had on hand was blue, so that is what I went with
and I am loving how it looks.

I used a Cottage Gardens Thread - Peacock No. 1201

I left out the slit in the back for fear that I would "stuff it up"
and when it came to the inside I added a pocket, a "d ring" and
a magnetic clasp.

Now, I could have scheduled this post to go up on the first, especially being it is the
May item for the Sitich-along but nope. I sat up until midnight last night working on it and finished the
binding around the top whilst watching Junior Football at 9am this morning
so it is being Blogged now!  :o)

Must say that I think my Sewing Mojo have given me a huge kick up the ......
as I how have three finishes in three days but please do not think that I did
all of this one in one day. The stitchery panel and pieces have been pinned to my
design wall for a couple of weeks now. I've just been procrastinating about
finishing this one :o)

Now if you just excuse me I have a bit of a mess to clean up in my sewing space
and another load of washing to get on.

Enjoy your Sunday,
hugs, Sharon


  1. Wow! You've done an amazing job Sharon!!! I am loving the additions you have given to this bag!! ... Might I ask where you got the moda ticker tape/ribbon?

    1. Thank you Larissa. It is the tape that Moda out around their FQ Bundles. Hugs

  2. Sharon you are amazing. Excellent finish. Keep up the great work.
    Can't wait to see what you finish next.

  3. wow you are getting a lot of things finished. Looking at my pile now

  4. That is the cutest bag, Sharon, and I love how you did the inside! :)

  5. It looks as good on the inside as the outside. I love this bag, it's such a great size.....and I know you could have done the slit at the back.

  6. Your bag looks great Sharon. Another super finish!

  7. Beautiful bag Sharon, the inside is as lovely as the outside!! xx

  8. well done Shaz this bag is so beautiful,you are doing so well with making smaller things now.xx

  9. your bags are goegeous Sharon, well done.

  10. Sharon you are amazing - I am still stitching the front. But it is just beautiful, you have done an amazing job

  11. Well done - the bags are wonderful. The stitchery is very cute isn't it. I'm afraid I'm going to be out of the group!! No bag for me this month nor stitchery - too many other pressing things. Ah well, I will keep watching though.

  12. You are really on the ball. a May finish already and I love it....

  13. Gorgeous,cheers mate.....another one I just have to xx

  14. You are a sewing power-house! Well done.

  15. Fabulous.. your version is great and I love the little extra's you added inside..... now I really need to get stitching mine...

  16. Gorgeous! Love the changes you have made to the inside too.

  17. Your ability to churn out projects is amazing. I loooove the blue!


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