Monday 29 April 2013

Swapping Fun

I participated in Cheryll's Colour swap and my package has arrived this morning
from the lovely Anorina over at Samelia's Mum.

I love the wrapping - Cute Bug Fabric.
At this point I had no idea who these were from, no return address
or card, but hang on I have seen these parcels before..... here :o)

Just look how spoilt I am :o)

No more needles in the arm of my couch.

And have a look and my new seam ripper.
She is beautiful.  I saw these recently on Anorina's Facebook
page ... they are made by her talented hubby.
I feel very lucky to have one of my own.

Huge thank you Anorina and thank you Cheryll for another
fun swap.  Looking forward to the next one ..... only two days away!

Enjoy your Monday.
hugs, Sharon


  1. Anorina has sent you a lovely package. I bet you won't feel bad having to unpick with that lovely unpicker!

  2. wow ,what an awesome package you have received from Anorina,love the armchair caddy and they are so your colours,what a wonderful parcel to receive,well done Anorina and lucky you.xx

  3. It's hard to open a well wrapped gift......lovely goodies inside.

  4. These look fabulous!!! That armchair caddy is gorgeous - and yes, I'm jealous you're the owner of one of those gorgeous handmade unpickers her husband made!! Enjoy them!!! xx

  5. What a beautiful seam ripper! I keep thinking I want to get one like it for myself . . . Anorina sent you a fun package!

  6. What amazing have been spoilt...such a good swap..

  7. Wonderful gifts to make you "not-so" blue! lol. LoVe your unpicker!!! :)

  8. Love the armchair caddy and the seam ripper - what a lovely swap!

  9. So you were the lucky recipient - how wonderful!

  10. The armchair caddy and handy unpick are great.. Love your fabric wrapping paper too.

  11. Wow Sharon, fantastic gifts there from Anorina, the seam ripper is super-posh! Enjoy it all x

  12. Lovely gifts from Anorina, Sharon

  13. I am so pleased that you liked it and I can't believe I forgot to include the card in the package.

    It was a fun swap and I look forward to the next one.

  14. Beautiful indeed !


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