Tuesday 2 April 2013

Girls Day Out Quilt

This one is progressing very slowly but I have finished these from Block 2.

I went out in the car this morning to get some more threads to try and finish off these.
(The remainder of Block 2 and 3)

The car broke down in the middle of an intersection so here is Aiden (my 15y.o.) and me
pushing a 4WD (any idea how heavy these dam things are?) 
through an intersection to the side of the road with the girls inside.  OMG scary!

Ditched the car and walked home.
Was not going to let this beat me with progressing on this quilt.
So I dug out this block (Block 1) and 

added some borders.

Whilst on a roll I prepared this block (Block 4).
Just need to do the embroidery.

and then this one - Block 5.

prepared these

and am up to this one this one!

Just need some RicRac and then I can add the borders to this one also.
I can feel the love for this one coming back.

So my design wall now looks like this.
Hopefully with the cooler weather approaching I can get some serious work
done on this one as I have committed to stitching
"A Little Bit Country".

Car is back in the Driveway thanks to Glenn and a mechanic at his work.
Not going out to get those threads now though!

If you want to see how the other girls are going on their quilts pop on over

Hugs, Sharon


  1. Excellent preparation work Sharon. You are certainly moving ahead quickly.

  2. Goes too show you can't keep a good woman (stitcher) down. Wonderful progress. You will be able to forge ahead when you do get your threads.

  3. This one is looking beautiful already, the fabrics you have chosen look so perfect for the blocks, hugs Wendy

  4. goodness you are a machine Shaz well done thats was a great effort considering that you still needed thread,i take my hat of to you.Hooray for Glenn,hope there isnt to much wrong with the car.xx

  5. These blocks are just lovely... and you got lots done.... Glad the car is fixed ... Happy Thread Hunting...

  6. You are zooming Sharon - think I need to prepare the next couple of blocks as well to get me moving. Wait a pain with the car - not what you had planned

  7. Oh dear Sharon how scary. As long as everyone is safe.
    You are a powerhouse with your stitching, that's a fantastic effort.
    Therese xx

  8. Can't keep a good woman down. Well done in the face of adversity.

  9. Glad you are all OK.
    Loving that quilt, I really wish I had started that one now...xx
    Ps..I will just enjoy watching yours grow.

  10. Sharon, How can I find out if this Girls Day Out pattern can be found here in the U.S. I have been looking on the internet and all I can find are locations in Australia which would make it cost prohibitive. Seeing all that you have accomplished I just fell in love with the pattern. Thanks, Daisy

  11. The blocks look great. Hope the car stays happy now so you can get those threads.

  12. Keep plugging away. You have done so much! I started mine yesterday - finally! Will post soon.

  13. This is going to be beautiful when is finished!!!!


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