Monday 1 April 2013

OPAM March and some...

 Only 4 finishes this month
but one has been a large WIP :o)

1. Vignette Mystery Quilt
2. Easter Candle Mat for Claire, my swap partner
3. 2 x SKOW pincushions
This  month has also had some starts!
I have been a little quiet on the swap front so far
this year but have made up for it in the last month! 
This is one item for someone :o)
Yesterday we went into town to see the Parade which is
part of the Bendigo Easter Festival.
You have to get there early to get a good spot,
 especially if you have little people that need to see.
So to help fill in the 2 hours plus of sitting and waiting time,
yes that's before it started!
I took along my "Sew Laugh Love" project that has been
patently waiting its turn

It amazes me who will talk to you when they see you sewing.
To think you would not meet these people if you weren't!
I love my craft :o)
I am also working on a table runner but I can't even show you a peak
 at that one as Fiona will see it when she pops on by :o)
It has been a busy weekend here.
We are lucky to live in Bendigo and every Easter
there is a huge Easter Festival.  Lily is of the perfect
age this year to really get out and amongst it.
We got to enjoy yummy jam doughnuts (and other treats) at the Festival and
Craft Market on Friday afternoon and got to see a lot of these Friday night.
The best display that they have had for a few years.
On Saturday we learnt that Lily likes restored cars.
This one was her favourite
She also "declared" that she wants to grow up to be a Race Car Driver!
Someone please help me ...... not my princess!!!!  lol
She loved seeing them slide sideways!
Yesterday was the Parade with a traditional Chinese Dragon at the end.


It is so big and Lily got a huge thrill as it went right over her head.

Today I went to a local Quilt Show.
I will share some of the quilts with you once I
upload the photos.

Hoping that you had a lovely Easter.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. lol so you have a future race car driver in the family,lol,she certainly doesnt fit into that profile,she will change her mind lots of times over the years with what she wants to be,lol.
    Lovely projects you have finished Sharon and also some cute ones on the go,well done my friend.xx

  2. Great finishes for OPAM, Sharon, especially your Vignette quilt. Looks like a fun time was had at the parade.

  3. Vignette quilt looks beautiful, makes me want to start one! Wish we had an Easter parade, it looks like everyone had a great time. I'm sure Lilly will change her mind a few more times before she is old enough to be a race car driver! LOL!

  4. Conragutations on all your finishes especially the Vignette quilt....
    looks like a fab time out..

  5. such gorgeous finishes, especially your vignette.
    sounds like the parade was great, enjoy your new projects too.

  6. Lots of lovely pics. It's been years since we have been to the Easter parade.

  7. Great post. You did a lot over the weekend. Love your finishes and starts.

  8. Sounds like you had a great weekend with your family....and a little stitching. So lovely to enjoy a festival together.

  9. Sounds like you had a wonderful Easter Sharon. Love your finishes, especisally your Vignette quilt and your easter mat is soo cute

  10. love your vignette quilt top, am so envious of the sunshine you had over Easter (it's been snowing here and cold for the past two weeks)

  11. Lovely post Sharon,great to spend time with the family.
    You have some lovely makes too,considering what you have been through the last few weeks.
    Hugs Laura x

  12. What a fantastic weekend... so fun to see Lily having such a great time too... lovely stitching.... but you are keeping me in suspense!!


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