Saturday 20 April 2013

Friday stitching

Yesterday I added the final stitches to my 
Sew Laugh Love

and with a quick iron :o)

Since this photo I have attached the borders and sewn on the buttons
but I will save that for the final reveal :o)

Just need to go and buy a canvas and a staple gun to get this one over the line.

Have you seen Gail Pan's new book "Simply Christmas"
Mine has arrived and I love it. Love it so much that I started
my first project from it last night.

and here is how far I got.
The first of four started. 

I think he is supper cute :o)

Today I am off to my LQS for my next Glacier Star Class.

This could be dangerous.  
Nicky has just got in 24 bolts of Liberty fabrics 
........  I will try to resist.
Also, the last time I did this class I came home to work on my blocks
and chopped the end of my finger off with my rotary cutter.
It looks fine now but still a little numb.

Have a great weekend,
hugs Sharon


  1. wow your stitchery looks fantastic,well done and please dont come back with your finger slashed again,oouch,enjoy your class my friend.xx

  2. Sharon, my copy of the book is on its way from Patchworks Plus, can't wait! Great start of your cute project...
    And the stitchery has come up beautifully, you have progressed it so quickly, can't wait to see it all stapled and ready to see x

  3. It has come up beautifully and cant wait to see its finally finish. The new book looks like fun and I agree it is a very cute looking elf! Have a great time at your class today.

  4. I love that stitch dry, it will look great on a canvas. I can't bring myself to start a Christmas project yet, but Gail's book is tempting. Have fun at your class (looking forward to seeing your Liberty purchases).

  5. Your "Sew Laugh Love" Stitchery will be a fabulous piece of art when completed.. You should be very proud of it..
    Yes the little elf is sew cute..
    Have fun in your Glacier Star class.

  6. Have a great time at your class....and be careful!

  7. I predict that you did come home with some of that new Liberty fabric! Your stitchery sampler looks great, I am interested to see it framed up!

  8. your stitchery looks gorgeous, I really love the colours you have used. Can't wait to see the final product.
    enjoy your class and I reckon some of that liberty fabric will follow you home.....

  9. Love it. What a great finish. Can't wait to see it on the canvas.
    Well done.

  10. The Sew Laugh Love stitchery looks FABulous Sharon!! That came together wonderfully quickly!!! Well done!! .. And thanks for sharing a little glimpse of that next little fellow - he's adorable!!! Looking forward to seeing this one grow!! ... Hope you enjoy your class today!! Best of luck resisting ;) Hugs! x

  11. Your stitchery looks amazing and as for what you did last night, well impressive to say the least. I'm off to check out the new book, might have to buy one.

  12. Your stitchery is going to look fantastic on canvas. I haven't seen Gail's book yet but going by that cute little guy, I'm sure it will have lots of lovely projects.

  13. Your stitchery of little squares looks so nice. I like your new book. Take care cutting. Touch wood, I won't ever cut myself with the rotary cutter. It makes me shudder to think of it.

  14. Love our new stitchery very cute, will have to check out Gail's new book.

  15. I cannot believe how quickly you have done this stitchery, I have just made a start on mine, mine will take a long time to complete.
    It looks fantastic.

  16. Beautiful stitching,love it.Enjoy your class,and careful where you put your fingers.xx

  17. I love the colours and fabrics which you have chosen for Leanne's sampler. beautifully done.

  18. Fabulous job on your stitchery ... and then some more fun ones started....
    HOpe you had fun at class... and your fingers kept out the way!


  19. You are amazing. You achieve so much and everything is fabulous.

  20. LOVE your Sew, Laugh, Love Sharon. It's the nicest version I've seen. Bought Gail's book too - havn't started a project yet, but hey Thursdays a holiday and who knows what I may get up to

  21. Love your stitchery, you were very quick whipping it up, can't wait to see it all finished on canvas. I also couldn't resist Gail's new book but I haven't started anything from it yet. Good luck with resisting the liberty prints and take care when using your rotary cutter! :) Barb.

  22. Your stitchery is so beautiful Sharon. Your new book looks lovely, hugs Wendy

  23. Your stitching is beautiful. I received my book yesterday too so loving Gail's new designs. xx


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