Monday 22 April 2013

Glacier Star Quilt

Saturday was the next class day for my Glacier Star Quilt.
It's always fun to have an afternoon out with like minded
ladies. Not always the most productive but hey
that is part of the fun.

I had a little spare time this morning whilst Lily
was at kinder to finish off my blocks.

Top is the first lot finished last month and the bottom are the ones
finished today. Each is a pile of 8.

I can report that no fingers were hurt in the making of the bottom blocks!

I also made no purchases but that may change later in the week ;)

Hope the start to your week was a great one.
Hugs Sharon


  1. they look great Shaz you are so clever my friend.xx

  2. Beautiful work Sharon & I'm glad you are still in one piece, LOL x

  3. They look great Sharon,and very complicated.
    Very pleased your fingers are intact.xx

  4. Looking great Sharon, such precise points.

  5. They are going to tone in well together. It is fun to be able to get together with others for some stitching.

  6. looking great Sharon..... does this mean you are going to go on with the New York Beauty blocks????

  7. This quilt will be beautiful when put together. You were very good not to buy anything. Hugs.....

  8. Looks amazing Sharon - think this one would be out of my league

  9. It is looking so good Sharon, the end result is going to be stunning. Glad you still have all of your digits intact.


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