Saturday 23 March 2013

Marcelle Medallion Quilt - Part Two - FNSI

This is the only project that I am currently working on that peaked my
interest last night for FNSI so I ran with it.

I chose to share my progress last night on Instsagram
(@lilabellelane) and here is how it went :o) 

The next border is triangles.

Then I decided to audition some fabrics for the next border.

 I love how it is coming together so far.
I decided to make this border bold as I didn't want
to loose it in between the triangles and next border.

Next is a border of Flying Geese.
I considered doing something else as I really do not
like making Flying Geese but I stuck with them.

Trimming is the worst bit.
 Especially when you cant count and end
up 13 short!
(Not doing to bad with someone who has their finger still bound and numb)

This is how it looks right this minute (below) :o)
I am itching to get in and sew this border on and start working 
on the next one - bricks :o)

This quilt is addictive and I am LOVING it :o)
Hope you had a great FNSI doing something you love.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. oh my this is so stunning Shaz,i love the colours you have chosen, you have a good eye for colour my friend,think i know what you might be doing this weekend.xx

  2. Sharon it looks awesome - you've made me decide to drop all my other projects and make this one. I was planning on doing in the school holidays but now I think I'm going to start it this afternoon...the kids can do the house work, Mamma's gonna sew!

  3. You are seriously tempting me too! The only thing that is stopping me is the fact I don't have the book! Yours is gorgeous!

  4. Such a gorgeous quilt you are making. I love the flying geese blocks too. Glad you are still enjoying some sewing with your hand too.

  5. Sharon wow!! It's amazing! Seeing this from you is why I shall never be making such a quilt, LOL... take care x

  6. It's looking fantastic Sharon.. you are so clever with getting the colours for the borders right...

  7. Love the way you used your colours, looking great

  8. WOW! the bright colours and triangles look fantastic! Great fabrics, & a very productive looking evening. I love the contrast of the black patterns with the brights. Very inspiring.

  9. This is looking amazing already. Extra because of the handicap!
    Well done.

  10. Just beautiful! This is going to be stunning when finished.

  11. Love this - you know I'm not a modern quilting kind of girl by nature...but it is really growing on me!!!

  12. This is coming on beautifully! I love your fabric choices :)

  13. It is looking fantastic already, love the different borders. Hope your finger is healing well, hugs Wendy xx

  14. You are amazing. Everything you sew is spectacular

  15. Wow it looks great! Flying geese are a pain but look so good. Love your daughter's owl cushion. Well done


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