Monday 25 March 2013

Marcelle Medallion Quilt - Part Three

Still hooked on this Quilt  :o)

Yesterday I started working on the next border -
92 "bricks"

Some where in the middle of this weekend Lily and I
made some Cupcakes and Lily decorated
them with mini Easter Eggs.

Quite the little Cake decorator she is becoming :o)

She looks rather proud of herself doesn't she :o)

It's getting a bit big for my design wall so a quick trip outside for
a decent photo.

Next up is a 4.5" border and my stash has let me down :(
I think that I want another black border so fabric shopping is on the
agenda for this week.  If I cant find anything locally, online it will be!

On to the next border it is.  
"Crosses" = hundreds of pieces

If I get the house work done quick enough I might be able to get to them 
this morning whilst Miss Lily is at Kinder, well that's the plan.

Have a great day, hopefully doing something you love.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. It's looking great! I hope the housework doesn't slow you down!

  2. Love the medallion and the sweet cakes...but isn't your baker the cutest!!

  3. Gorgeous cupcakes! Love seeing your progress on the quilt too.

  4. This quilt just gets better and better. Hugs to sweet Miss Lily

  5. your are steaming ahead with this project! It looks great and so modern.

  6. What an amazing quilt this will be. You are so clever Sharon. Miss Lily is a girl after my own a great cupcake. What a sweetheart.

  7. Wow, your quilt is looking fabulous, Miss Lily is such a cutie.

  8. this is coming along beautifully Shaz,i love it and so much work is involved in it,just amazing my friend what you come up with.
    And that is such a sweet pic of miss Lil and she should be pleased with herself they look awesome,well done miss lil.xx

  9. This quilt top is growing so beautifully.... Miss Lily's cupcakes look fantastic too.... (so is she!!!)

  10. Quilt is looking great. Love the bold fabrics. Lily's cake look yummy.Brings back memories of when my kids would bake. Now they are chefs and bake beautiful cakes.

  11. Wow, this quilt is growing so well - It's looking gorgeous!! Nice to spend concentrated time on one project - can see great progress then. As for the cupcakes and their decorator - beautiful :-) {And the cupcake colours match the quilt very nicely!!}

  12. You are making your usual amazing progress, it is looking wonderful already. Hope you find the right fabric. Cute looking cupcakes and decorator, hugs Wendy xx

  13. Good to see your mojo is back. How many cakes did Miss Lily eat?

  14. it looks incredible - mine is looking like a holiday project.

  15. The borders are looking really good. Those cup cakes look yummy. Looks like a fun activity.

  16. I love the colours you have used in your Medallion quilt - each one I see popping up is so beautiful and so different.

  17. Wow to the quilt and yum to the cakes


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