Thursday 28 March 2013


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 My Marcelle Medallion Quilt has stalled at this point. 
I will try again today to find some border fabrics locally.
If I don't have any luck then I will have to go online which means packing
this one up for a few weeks whilst I wait for fabric to arrive.

As far as other sewing goes I have been quilting 9"
scrappy panels with 1/4" lines!

On the non sewing front.
Lily had Parents night at Ballet.
She loves her Ballet and put on a real performance for dad :o)

Lily also won a prize in the Kinder Easter Raffle.
Here she is in "Protector mode".
They learn early when they are the youngest.  :o)

And in case I don't get back before Easter.

Have a great Easter and if your on the roads please
stay safe.

hugs, Sharon


  1. The quilt is looking awesome. Be a shame to lose momentum. I love the look of that Easter basket. Have a great Easter.

  2. great post Shaz and that lil is so cute,happy easter to you and yours my friend.xx

  3. Lily makes a very cute ballerina.....and Easter bunny. My son hopes to bring home a raffle prize today too. Hope you find the right fabric soon, nothing worse than having to wait when you're ready to stitch!

  4. Your quilt looks fabulous - the black really makes the other colours pop!

  5. Hope you have a safe Easter as well. Hopefully you will find the fabrics you need locally so you do not have to wait to continue on. Your quilt is so pretty and is coming together so well.

  6. what a fun post.... the medallion quilt is looking great and that is a lot of stitching you are doing for the quilting... so effective though... Lily looks so cute in ballet and protecting her eggs! Love the Easter bunny... have a fantastic weekend..

  7. Hope you find your fabrics needed. The Quilt is coming along. Looks great.
    Lily looks pleased with her win. she is such a cute.
    Have a great long weekend.

  8. Your quilt looks wonderful Sharon. I love the photo of Lily with her prize! I wish you all a very happy Easter. Hugs, Christine xx

  9. Gorgeous photos. Hope you find some fabric so we can see some more work on the quilt too. Happy Easter

  10. Gorgeous Lily photos! I hope you find the right fabric soon but it seems that you have plenty to keep you going in the meantime!


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