Thursday 28 March 2013


I took Miss Lily for her 4yo needles this morning.
That is now dads job.

Also doesn't look like an online order is not going to arrive today
so my Easter sewing plans have stalled so I decided
"Retail therapy" in real brick and mortar shops it is ;)

Top three are auditioning for the remaining borders
On my Medallion Quilt. Bottom three are for a
Pink inspired themed swap. Threads, well they are so pretty that they
are joining an ever growing collection ;)

OK had better get to work, borders to sew.
Enjoy your day, hugs Sharon


  1. Yum!! Your fabric and threads are gorgeous!! And if I may ask a dumb question - what is 4yo needles?? I think I get the 4 year old but needles?? :-))

  2. Lovely buys! Enjoy the sewing and the Easter break!

  3. oh such lovely buys gee the pink and navy look so good together even though they are not going together,lol.
    Oh wow those cottons are so pretty Shaz.xx

  4. A bit of retail therapy is excellent to recover from needles time.... soooooo traumatic...
    love your fabrics and threads....

  5. Happy Sewing, Sharon! Retail therapy is the best kind. :) You have some really pretty purchases there. Ahh, I hate taking A for shots. :/ Hope she recovered quickly. xoxo

  6. Hope Miss Lily has recovered. Maybe the Easter Bunny could bring her an extra choc for being so brave!
    I know what you mean about waiting for fabric! Mine didn't arrive today either, it's a lovely bunch of 1930's. I was hoping to use it this weekend. Happy Easter, stay safe.
    Therese xx

  7. Hi Sharon Lovely fabrics and the threads are great too.Have a wonderful Easter sewing. Hugs......

  8. Different choices for you. I like the greys.

  9. Lovely fabric,I think they look good together.
    Hope miss Lily has recovered from her jabs,poor thing,but has to be done.
    Enjoy your retail therapy .xx

  10. Sharon, love the combo of those colours (dark and light) and the embroidery threads. Can't wait to see what you do with such goodies

  11. Gosh, those two sets of auditions look like they would play so nicely all together in a project!

  12. I'm in love with the CGT too !! I love their colors !
    Happy Easter !

  13. I love your fabrics! Retail therapy is always a good idea!

  14. Fantastic fabrics and threads!


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