Friday 22 March 2013

Show and Tell

A quick round up of a couple of things today.
First up is what I sent to Claire in Mrs. Martins Celebrations Swap.

I really enjoyed making this Candle Mat.

And here is what the lovely Claire sent me.

Chockies for Glenn and Me and some Marshmallow eggs for the kids.

Gorgeous Candle Mat that looks lovely in my lounge
and this cute hoop which I have hung in my sewing space.

Thank you Claire.

Now for a proud mummy moment.
Keegan my 10 year old daughter has been working long 
and hard on this stitchery.

It comes out, gets worked on and then disapears but then she
decided what she wanted to do with it. Knuckled down and finished it
and asked that it be turned into a cushion for a girlfriends birthday.

 Keegan got to experience the joy of giving hand made and
the birthday girl loved it.  Win win :o)

Enjoy your Friday,
hugs, Sharon


  1. definitely would be proud of Keegan!
    that is a wonderful gift and looks like you have an apprentice.
    Love the candle mats, very cute.

  2. Lovely candle mats !! You both made a great work !
    And a special Bravo for Keegan ! Her stitchery is beautiful !

  3. Well done Keegan.... fantastic job .... you will have competition for the sewing notions Sharon? Lovely Easter candlemats.... lovely to have seasonal decorations...

  4. Both candle mats are very cute. Congratulations to Keegan on her lovely work.

  5. wonderful easter swap both sent and received,well done ladies lovely parcel for you both.
    Wow Keegan you are awesome,what a special friend you are to make and stitch such a lovely gift for your friend,well done sweetie.xx

  6. My hats off to Keegan! you have done a fabulous job. Gorgeous swap gifts Sharon you and Claire have done excellent work.

  7. Lovely swap gifts both sent and received. Well done Keegan. Your cushion is beautiful. You have done a wonderful job.

  8. Nice Easter Goodies sent and recieved..Enjoy..
    Keegan congratulations on doing such a gorgeous stitchery and the cushion looks lovely. What a very special gift for your friend to treasure.

  9. Awwww! Keegan's owls are so adorable. Who wouldn't love getting that? :) The bunnies you made are beautiful.

  10. Beautiful stitching Keegan! Such a gorgeous design too. Great gifts swapped too Sharon.

  11. Lots of bunnies. The candle mats look very cute. That is amazing work by your daughter. It made up into a lovely cushion.

  12. Love the bunnies, so cute. Keegan is following in her mummy's footsteps, a beautiful first project.

  13. I knew I should not have read this post - I still haven't opened my present, I was trying to be good and now...well I can open it and I love it, thank you.
    I am blown away by Keegan's stitching - fantastic!

  14. The Easter pressies are lovely, cute candle mats. Keegan's cushion is gorgeous, isn't she clever! Hugs Wendy

  15. Clever Keegan - her cushion, and stitchery is beautiful. Nice that she made it for a friend, too. I do like both candle mats as well - a very sweet touch - looks like a delightful swap.

  16. Lovely swap gifts Sharon - lovely the bunny candlemat you made


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