Thursday 21 March 2013

Marcelle Medallion Quilt - Part One

I love starting new projects and that is exactly what I did yesterday.
This new project is from this stunning book

This quilt is not for the feint hearted.
It involves making templates right through to "y" seams.
(I've never done "y" seams before)
I am going to try and work this one form my stash and
decided to use this Anne Marie Horner print that I used
for the backing of my Swoon Quilt as a starting point.

and this is where I got up to.

Next border is all triangles.
Think I will be taking this project one border at a time :o)
If you would like to see more versions of this quilt
search #medallionalong or #marcellemedallion on
Instagram. I can be found @lilabellelane
Have a great day.
I'm off to do fruit duty later today and maybe
play with some triangles after that :o)
hugs, Sharon


  1. Good to see that "the incident" hasn't slowed you down too much.

  2. A gorgeous start Sharon and the fabrics so far are lovely. I really like the blue used next to the print for the star.

  3. Haha... mojo has returned triple strength... well done - it looks fantastic.... I don't even know what Y seams are ... so I will give them a wide berth for the moment....

  4. Great block Sharon. This quilt should be amazing.

  5. This quilt should test if the mojo is BACK! Sound like it is. Best of luck with it too! :)

  6. OMG you are a brave woman,this is awesome my friend,it scares me just looking at it and your block is just stunning,have fun my friend.xx

  7. This looks soo good, nothing like starting a new project!!!

  8. Wow!! This is looking great!! I love the excitement of a new project too :-) you cant beat it!

  9. It is a tempting pattern and your is seriously lovely. Good luck with the 'y' seams!

  10. You are a sewing star - wow.

  11. i bought a magazine with that pattern in it yesterday but i doubt i will have it finished before you...if at all. i need to quite my job so i can sew more.

  12. Great pattern and lovely fabrics. Love it.

  13. This is looking amazing. Lovely colours, perfect together.

  14. This is gorgeous!! Thanks for showing a peek at what it will look like when it's finished!!! The 'finished block' is great! Congrats on conquering the y-seams!!! I'm not quite ready to try them yet myself - I'll just live vicariously through you, lol! ... New projects are great - it's the finishing I have trouble with, lol!! x


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