Saturday 2 March 2013

Lancaster Quilt - Progress

Last night I chose to work on my
Lancaster Quilt
as part of FNWF and I shared my
journey in Instagram as I went.
Here are the "progress pictures" as posted to Instagram :o)
First up I added the 1.5" brown border all around then
set about cutting triangles.

Then the diamonds

It took me a few "go's" to get points right but they were achieved after
a few errors and assistance from my quick unpick.

Then the first diamond border went on .... yay :o)

Then there were two :o)

Fussy Cut corners for the next two
(still loving having my machine set into the table)

Then there was three.

Ta Da! 
All four borders on.
I have achieved what I set out to do for the night.

I started working on this at about 4pm yesterday and finished
about 11.30 last night.

Next up for this Quilt is another border strip and then some clam shells.
About 150 per side so think they might just wait for another time.
They are all hand pieced :o)

Have a great day,
hugs, Sharon



  1. What a great idea to post on Instragram. I signed up too and now follow you.
    Your quilt is looking so good.

  2. fantastic progress!
    You are amazing Sharon.
    It looks great..

  3. The quilt is looking beautiful. So much wonder you stayed up late!

  4. The borders look fantastic Sharon. This quilt is going to be beautiful!

  5. Those diamond borders are gorgeous Sharon & your piecing is so perfect. Gosh, if I ever grow up, I want to be able to piece like you.... : ) Tracee xx

  6. Your border looks great. it will be lovely when finished.

  7. Very nice border. You have
    done a great job on the piecing.
    Cheers, Anita.

  8. Oh my gosh that is beautiful! I'd love to know the pattern, it's probably on your blog I'll check it out.

  9. I just love watching people work on this one. It's truly impressive. Your fabrics look so nice together.

  10. Looks fantastic Sharon. You have achieved a lot of work last night.

  11. Your quilt is so gorgeous Sharon and I love the step by step piccies. You've chosen beautiful colours.

  12. Oh Sharon... it looks gorgeous! What a great nights effort with all your friends cheering you on... well done :)

  13. This is so pretty. I love the whole thing! The flowers, the border, the colors. It is really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing with us. K-

  14. Your quilt looks gorgeous. I just love all those pinks. The diamond border looks so intricate. You certainly worked hard to get it done.

  15. wow Sharon another awsemose quilt,this is so pretty my friend,well done.xx

  16. It's looking fabulous Sharon.

  17. My word you certainly got heaps done. Your Lancaster is looking beautiful.

  18. Wow Sharon you got a lot done, the quilt is going to be a stunner - but when are YOUR quilts any less?!?!?! x

  19. Just Gorgeous! You accomplished a lot on Friday.

  20. This is looking amazing.
    Love those colours.

  21. Oh Sharon....this is looking delish! Just's great when you get done what you set out to achieve isn't it?
    xox sugary hugs
    Wendy :O)

  22. Splendid !!! you have worked very well !!

  23. What a great achievement, I'm thinking I should have machined sewed the diamonds not EPP them's looking soo great!!!

  24. Fantastic progress Sharon, it's looking gorgeous....

  25. Amazing work! It is a gorgeous quilt Sharon.


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