Friday, 1 March 2013

Friday Night with Friends

Come Sew with Friends
Are you sewing along tonight?
Sign up is HERE
I will be there :o)
Did you want to come and share your progress on Instagram
with me as we sew?
I am going to use the hash tag of #FNWF
If you have a "smart phone," Ipad or Ipod.
Go to the app store and look for
Instagram - it's a free App and super easy to use.
You can find me by searching -  lilabellelane
Leave me your Instagram ID in a comment and I will come and follow
you and we can add an "extra" and "instant" dimension
to this fun night sewing with friends.
See you there.
Hugs, Sharon


  1. What a great idea... sharing FNWF in another dimension... :)

  2. I don't have an iphone, but will be sewing along with everyone in about an hour! Happy sewing!

  3. Happy sewing tonight. I'll see you there.

  4. Have a fun sewing night! Don't get too distracted with instagram though.

  5. All done and now following you.


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