Sunday 10 March 2013

Dolly and Me

Dolly and Me BOM
Block 2.
98% of this block was finished before I went into Hospital last week.
I am really enjoying making this one. Lily loves to see what the
block looks like on the pattern before I start and is constantly
by my side when I am putting it together.  It is like we are
making this one together. So much fun.
Lily picked which girl got what coloured bikini.
Then Lily picked what dress went where.
The dresses are supposed to have Velcro to hold them in
place and be swapped (or in reality lost!) so I have slip stitched around
 the top and to the arms to hold them in place.
They hang nicely and can be lifted to see their bikinis!
And here is the finished Block :o)
I added some button detail to the dresses and flowers.
They are missing their eyes at the moment as I cant find
small enough ones. If all else fails I will embroider them on later.
OK my scale is off but here is how Blocks one and two will be
positioned on the finished quilt.
Lily and I are both looking forward to the arrival of Block 3.
Enjoy your Sunday,
hugs Sharon and Lily.


  1. Another gorgeous block and its great that Lily is enjoying the fun too. Cant wait to see the next block.

  2. This quilt will be GORGEOUS! and so much FUN to play with! :)

  3. Just lovely blocks... and it is so sweet that Lily is joining you with it....

  4. So lovely. I bet Lily is loving sharing the experience with you :)

  5. For a moment I thought that you were being very fussy and putting underwear under your dresses.

  6. ohhhh how sweet you and Miss Lil making this one together and to think i tried to talk you out of it,your blocks are gorgeous,well done you two.xx

  7. I love it .. its going to be one loved quilt !!!!!

  8. You're blocks are gorgeous so far Sharon. Miss Lily is just going to love this quilt.

  9. Blocks look gorgeous. it is great that lily is enjoying the experience.. It will make to quilt more special to her.

  10. I see Lily has picked up the good fabric picking genes already. It is going to be a stunning quilt & lots of fun for MIss Lily. I love the pincushions in the last post too. Tracee xx

  11. That looks like a sweet project to work on together....very special.

  12. Absolutely love this bomSharon - you and Lily are doing a gorgeous job together

  13. I love this quilt, it is so gorgeous! I just wish I had a little girl to make it too. Take care, Wendy xx

  14. I love how the blocks look and Lily has a good eye for colour combination too,looks like you two are working well together :) Barb.

  15. How lovely you can share this with your daughter, Sharon. Hugs.....

  16. This is looking gorgeous Sharon!! How fun is it that you get to share this with Lily!!! She'll remember this for a long time to come!!

  17. So I'm just catching up on my blog reading, and am so very glad to hear that you're ok!
    Your quilt blocks are looking great, and I'm sure Lily will remember that you made it together :) I think I have some teeny tiny buttons somewhere...give me a yell if you need some!

  18. These are so stinkin' CUTE!!!


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